Deaths in North Staffordshire Coalfield From 1693 to 2009

Compiled by John Lumsdon (apologies for any errors or omissions)

In perfect health they left their homes,
not knowing that their time had come.
A sudden change upon them fell,
no time to bid their friends farewell.
(from a memorial card at one of the explosions)

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S. Piggott1693Halmerend coal pit  
E. Harding3 April 1710Leycett  
J. Meakin1713Bignall Hill  
J. Craddock1733Leycett  
J. JohnsonApril 1756Apedale  
T. Johnson24 August 1780Coalpit  
W. Hill11 January 1782Hazels Cross  
J. Moss17 December 1783Shaw Mine  
T. Salt22 December 1783Shaw Mine  
J. Johnson29 March 1784Coalpit  
J. Clowes11 August 1785Coalpit (Drowned)  
John Hancock3 August 1789Burial date  
R. Parker2 July 1793Burial date  
Joe Hancock20 February 1794Burial date  
J. Hackney26 January 1795Burial date  
T. Gallimore1 April 1795Burial date  
J. Shenton26 March 1796Coalpit  
J. Vauhan29 September 1801Coalpit  
W. Web30 October 1801Coalpit  
B. Brindley15 April 1804Bignall Hill  
A. Bailey21 July 1815Victoria28 
J. BarnettApril 1819Roggin Row  
W. BowersApril 1819Roggin Row  
D. StathamApril 1819Roggin Row  
E. Durber2 April 1819Roggin Row28 
G. Barnett12 August 1821Sladder Hill59 
J. Barnett12 August 1821Sladder Hill24 
T. Barnett12 August 1821Sladder Hill30 
W. Barnett12 August 1821Sladder Hill9 
D. Eardley12 August 1821Sladder Hill12 
J. Gibson12 August 1821Sladder Hill13 
J. Green12 August 1821Sladder Hill13 
J. Johnson12 August 1821Sladder Hill35 
C. Web12 August 1821Sladder Hill12 
HamlingtonMay 1824Apedale Female


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