Hi I am Eileen

Next stop America via the North Pole,this is me on holiday in Norway the time midnight and yes it was freezing cold even though the sun did shine, a coal fire would have been very much appreciated.

If you have clicked onto the stories page of this web site you will have seen that my interest in mining is the miner of the 1st world war, in particular I am interested in the Tunnellers. These were the men who had the unenviable task of mining under enemy lines in tunnels measuring approximately 3ftx3ft. It is very difficult to find out anything about these men as they seem to be an almost forgotten branch of the Army in the 1st world war.

If anyone reading this has any information concerning these soldiers I would be very pleased to hear from you particularly if your grandfather or father was a Tunneller.

Email:- eileenpaddock@tiscali.co.uk

Any interesting information I receive will with the permission of the sender be published on this website, also any photographs of the 1st world war would be gratefully received.


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