Evening Sentinel Nov. 28th 1949 Page 5.
Three miners at Holditch colliery, who have each worked 60 years underground, were presented with cheques and NCB diplomas on Saturday. They are, Dick Simms age 77 Henry Scragg age 74 and Tom Symms age 73. Dick Simms was at Holditch for 28 years, also at other collieries. While at Apedale he helped in rescue operations at the Minnie pit explosion in 1918. Henry Scragg started at Parkhouse when he was 14, employed at Holditch for 12 years, and in 1895 he was working at Diglake and was there when the pit flooded killing 77 men. On the day of the tragedy he did not go down the mine, and still does not know why he decided not to do so.

Sentinel May 19th 1950 page 5
Apedale footrail to open again after fire.

Evening Sentinel. November 25th 1952 Late Page 7.
Talke miner killed by mystery explosion. A jury returned a verdict of accidental death, on Mr. Wilmott Wilshaw, aged 50, of 50, Newcastle Road, Talke, who died from shock, caused by severe facial burns, and a compound fracture of the skull. The cause of the explosion was accidental detonation of an explosive while using a pick in an heading at Apedale colliery Newcastle. A Italian haulage hand was also injured. More on this can be seen on this page in the "Sentinel".

Evening Sentinel. April 8th 1953. Late. Page. 5.
A inquest on Donald Statham, a colliery switch operator of 19, Church Street, Chesterton, who was involved in a conveyor mishap at Apedale colliery. The reason he was in that part of the pit is still remains a mystery. He was killed when a conveyer which was held in place by a temporary structure fell on head. His skull was fractured. A verdict of Accidental death was recorded. More on this article can be seen on this page.

Sentinel 4th Oct 1954 (late p5)
Mr D Alexander ex-under manager at Silverdale, was presented with a barometer and a clock, following his appointment as manager at Glasshouse and Apedale collieries.

Sentinel 18th Oct1954 (late p8)
Photograph of a presentation to a miner from Apedale and Glasshouse colliery those in the picture are Mr J Bull now the manager at Parkhouse, a Mr F Fryer and Mr R Riley.

Evening Sentinel Oct 6th 1962Page 4
Mr. A.F. Browning age 44years was killed at Waterfields colliery, Apedale, yesterday when the tram he was riding was derailed. He left a widow and 4 children.

Evening Sentinel Oct 11th 1962Page 5.
Apedale colliery has beaten a weekly productivity record set 13 years ago, in the week ending Sep 29th. Output per man shift overall reached 59.4 cwt 3 cwt higher than the previous best. Coal face workers new record was 186.4 cwt. Apedale is the only Drift mine operated by the NCB in the West Midlands division, the rest are shaft mines.

Evening Sentinel Oct 18th 1962 Page 5.
An inquest on F.N. Browning, killed at Watermills colliery, Apedale, was accidental death. (full report)

Evening Sentinel Dec 27th 1962 Page 8.
Apedale colliery reach the highest output in its history in the week ending December 15th with 1,976 tons. The previous best figure was 1,918 tons in the corresponding week last year. Apedale is the only drift mine operated by the NCB in the West Midlands Division and has the smallest manpower in the Division.

Evening Sentinel Nov 4th 1963 Page 10.
Men at Holditch and Apedale produced 596 tons of coal in the voluntary Saturday shift.

Evening Sentinel June 1st 1965 Page 10. F.
Staffordshire County Council ambulances will probably be made available to several coalmines in the near future. The pits include Holditch, Apedale, Silverdale, Victoria and Wolstanton. The cost would be £6,000 and this would be repaid by the Coal Board.

Evening Sentinel Oct 1st 1965 Page 20 L.
Funeral of Freemason, Mr. A.R. Mason, who was mechanical engineer to Holditch, Apedale, Parkhouse and Silverdale group of collieries. (Full list of mourners)

Evening Sentinel Dec 12th 1966 Page 5 F.
Colliery manager Mr. W.S. Jones, had two duties to perform at the Apedale social club annual dinner on Saturday. Mr. Jones has been manager at Apedale for the past 11 years, is retire ring at the end of the year after a lifetime as a mineworker. .

Evening Sentinel March15th 1968 Page 1. F.
The North Staffordshire collieries, Apedale and Holditch are among three in the NCB Staffordshire area who have set up new productivity records. Apedale’s output per man-shift per man-shift at the coalface shows a dramatic 76 cwt. At Holditch A new record was established with an overall output per man-shift of 46.2 cwt.

Evening Sentinel May 30th 1968 Page 10. F.
“We are only a small team, but everyone pulls together”. This remark by the manager of Apedale Drift Mine, the smallest NCB pit in the West Midlands, typifies the spirit, which enabled 125 men to set a new productivity record, with an exceptionally high output of 161.9 cwt a man-shift. They easily topped the previous national record of 140 cwt held by Bullcliffe Wood colliery Yorkshire. A “little giant” is a very apt description for a wonderful pit and the men who work there.

Evening Sentinel Aug 7th 1969 Page 14. F.
Coal production at Apedale colliery drift mine at Chesterton, will continue a little longer than anticipated, production will now continue until October. Apedale employs 112 men.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 21st 1969 Page 1 C.F.
Coal production ceased today at Apedale drift mine, Britain’s one-time top production pit.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 22nd 1969 Page 1. F.
Photo of Apedale drift mine, which closed yesterday, the last shift of miners going down.

Evening Sentinel Feb 6th 1970 Page 22 F.
Coal face workers at Silverdale have become the “the greatest” the coal industry national champions. In doing so, they are keeping the title in the area. Apedale drift mine, where reserves ran out last November set the previous in May 1968. The Silverdale record was at the rate of more than 60 tons a man-shift, more than eight times the national average.

Evening Sentinel. February 15th 1972. City Final Page 1.
In order that a pit accident which happened Nineteen years ago could be looked at more closely, the Inquest on Mr. Arthur Hibbs, of 69, Church-street, Wood Lane, Audley. It was adjourned for fourteen days. Mr. Hibbs who died on 31st of December sustained a back injury while working at the Apedale Colliery in 1953.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 1st 1973 Page 5. F.
Staffordshire Co. Council may set up a cross data base section of old mine workings at the county museum, Shugborough. This follows the findings of important industrial relics at Apedale colliery, Newcastle. The relics consist of a wooden sledge, wooden rails and a wooden wheel, plus other small items. They maybe pre-19th century.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 10th 1975 Page 1. C.F.
Photo of a group of Doctors and Nurses, from the City General Hospital as they visited Great Row, Apedale. They filled a tub of coal and autographed it.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 20th 1976 Page 9. Crewe.
A verdict of accidental death was recorded on C.L. Dyer age 21 after being crushed by a tub only two weeks after starting work in the new Peacock Drift at Apedale.

Evening Sentinel Sep 13th 1982 Page 1. C.F. Councillors at Newcastle are being recommended by their officers to submit a holding objection to the NCBs open casting proposals at High Lane, Apedale near Chesterton.

Evening Sentinel Jan 17th 1983 Page 7. F.
The future of Apedale Hall private colliery hung in the balance today after reports that it was due to close in 6 months time. The date has been brought forward because of problems with flooding.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 30th 1990 City Page 19.
Leisure schemes for the opencast site, ski-slopes, motor-cross areas, fishing pools And a visitor centre could be included in a multi-thousand pound plan for the Apedale Opencast area.

Evening Sentinel 15th June 1998 Page 7 Cheshire
Plans have been submitted to establish a £1m mining heritage centre at the abandoned Bassey drift mine at Apedale.

Evening Sentinel 22nd Aug 1998 Page 9 Extra
The Apedale mine in Chesterton will finish next week. Apedale has been forced to close because it is connected to Silverdale colliery underground and will be flooded when the larger mine ends production.

Evening Sentinel 7th Oct 1998 Page 8 North
A former railway station at Silverdale has been bulldozed and will be rebuilt at the Apedale mining heritage site.

Evening Sentinel 7th Jan 1999 Page 13 Newcastle
Apedale mining museum dedicated to the memory of mining in North Staffs is set to open by the end of the year.

Evening Sentinel 7th Sep 1999 Page 17 Cheshire
The Machin diaries 7-9-76. The NCB announced today that Norton colliery is to close. Miners will be offered jobs at Holditch, Hem Heath and Florence. An NCB spokesman said its the first North Staffs closure since Apedale and we are confident there will be no more.

Evening Sentinel 1st Jan 2000 Page 14 Special Edition
The old Steward factory at Longport was recently demolished, but instead of the old steel structure being scraped, it was offered to Apedale museum. It will be reconstructed to house locomotives.

Evening Sentinel 2nd Aug 2000 Page 19 News
A 7 tonne former pit wheel is being restored to its former glory as the centrepiece of the soon to open Apedale Mining Museum.

Evening Sentinel 7th Aug 2000 Page 2 CF
Territorial Army troops from Stoke-on-Trent turn a training exercise into a kind hearted gesture as they helped to construct of around 100 tonnes of machinery, the centrepiece of the Apedale Heritage Centre.

Evening Sentinel 16th Aug 2000 Page 19 News
Volunteers at Apedale Heritage Centre, dedicated to mining are appealing for relatives of men and boys killed in pit disasters to help mark a lasting memorial to them. Fred Leigh has 800 so far.

Evening Sentinel 1st Sep 2000 Page 22 News
Members of the public are being given a sneak preview of what is in store at Apedale Mining Museum, to open shortly.

Evening Sentinel 6th Sep 2000 Page 21 News
Visitors are being invited to check on progress on the development of Apedale Mining Museum this Saturday and Sunday.

Evening Sentinel 25th Oct 2000 Page 16 North
The drift mine at Apedale County Park near Chesterton has been opened to the public between 10 and 3 on Saturday and Sunday.

Evening Sentinel 26th Dec 2000 Page 8 Special
A mining cottage which depicts life more than half a century ago has been officially been unveiled at the Apedale Heritage Centre North Staffs.