Evening Sentinel Feb. 8th 1949 Page 5.
Good progress in National Savings was reported from the Midlands Area. More than 350 miners from Berryhill. More than 270 from Foxfield and Holditch 600.
Page 6. Speaking on electric locomotives for underground haulage, to members of the North Staffs Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers at the Technical College last night, Mr. C.S. Sykes said it was now recognised that one of the reasons for low output per man-shift in British mines compared with that of the USA and Germany, was the large number of men employed on haulage. (Full story)

Evening Sentinel May 13th 1949 Page 5.
Photo of Sir Ben Smith visiting Kemball pit, to open the pithead baths there yesterday. Two miners are in the NSRI with back injuries, received in falls of dirt at local collieries. They are, Mr. T. Kelly, age 38 employed at Berryhill and Mr. S. Thorley age 48 employed at Parkhall.

Evening Sentinel June 22nd 1949 Page 5.
Mr. H. Bott age 46 was fatally injured in a fall of dirt at Berryhill colliery. The inquest is on Friday.

Evening Sentinel June 23rd 1949 Page 1. North Staffs output of coal was more than 380.000 tons than in 1947. (More on cost, output, profits, plans and possibilities.
Page 5. Write up on Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Smith on 60 years of married life. He left school at 13 and worked at Berryhill, then went to Great Fenton in 1889.

Evening Sentinel June 25th 1949 Page 6.
A verdict of accidental death was recorded on Mr. Bott yesterday. Mr. Bott was caught by a fall of dirt and buried at Berryhill colliery. In 15 minutes they got to his head so that he could breath, but he appeared to be dead. He was extricated at the end of an hour, but there was no sign of life.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 15th 1949 Page 5.
Mr. J.T. Cliff, age 47 a miner, was admitted to the NSRI with severe lacerations and fracture of the right arm sustained when he was buried by a fall of waste at Wolstanton colliery. Mr. A Burgin age 51 was admitted to the infirmary with injuries to his head and shoulders after being involved in an accident at Berryhill.

Sentinel October 5th 1950 page 5
Inquest on pit fireman William James Bromley age 28 died on the 26th September 1950 five weeks after accident at Berry Hill Colliery on August 18th 1950. the accident was at the new moss seam, problem with compressed air hose.

Sentinel 23rd April 1951
Three workers from Berryhill presented with long service certificates. They were Owen Williams's 66yrs service, Thomas Ellis 65yrs service, and Thomas Edgerton 60yrs service. Mr E Cope Area Production Manager made the presentations,assisted by Mr F Stephens the colliery manager.

Sentinel 7th June 1951 page 5
There was a fire in an engine house at a disused shaft at Berryhill Colliery.

Evening Sentinel. March 10th 1952. City Final. Page 5.
The Victoria colliery were the team winners for the fourth successive year at the North Staffordshire Area Miners Welfare Challenge Shield. The Berry Hill team won the Wynne Challenge Cup. At the presentation it was stated that there were eleven nurses were situated at collieries and it hoped another three would be joining shortly, brining it up to 14 out of the twenty large collieries in the Area who will a full time nurse.

Evening Sentinel. December 17th 1952 Late Page 5.
Man fell down Fenton Colliery Shaft. Mr. Albert Humphries, aged 45, of 8, Stevenson place, Bucknall, fell 900 Ft. down the shaft at Berry Hill colliery, Fenton, today. At the Inquest held on the 29th of December, see page 7 of the Final Edition of the "Sentinel". There was no explanation of Mr. Humphries mystery death. The Coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death. More on this can be seen on this page in the "Sentinel".

Evening Sentinel. April 2nd 1953. Late. Page. 6.
After a 20 minute retirement the jury at a Hanley inquest yesterday decided that a 60 year old miner at Berry Hill colliery was fatally injured when ridding underground on a tub, a practice which is strictly forbidden. The inquest was on, Mr. Charles John Harvey, of 37, Selwyn Street, Stoke, who died in the N.S.R.I. 7 days later.

Sentinel 25th Oct1954 (late p5)
Photograph of the Berry Hill No. 1 rescue team winners of a West Mids competition.

Sentinel 25th January 1955 LF p5
George William Cordon Age 56 of Wellington St Hanley was killed At Berryhill Colliery on this date. The report said he was crushed by tubs that had come up from the pit. He had been employed at the colliery for 22yrs. For the last 8yrs he had been Bank and screen foreman. He leaves a wife.

Sentinel i6th February 1955 L p7
Mr Samuel John Jones was killed at Berryhill colliery yesterday. Mr Jones was 38years old and lived at 37 Shelbourne St Stoke. It appears he was struck by falling dirt. Details of the inquest can be found in the Sentinel on page 6 of the late edition 19th Feb.

Sentinel 28th February 1955 L p7
many local boxers win championships at the N.C.B. tournament. There was Tony Cotterill from Parkhall, Harold Brown and Alec Atkin from Chatterley Whitfield, Ernie Ball from Victoria, Eddie Edwards from Wolstanton, John Stanway from Berryhill, G Cataldi from Stafford, and George Shufflebottom From Glebe.

Sentinel 16th May 1955 L p10
Boxer Ernie Ball of Victoria colliery became N.C.B. heavyweight champion at the finals held in Edinburgh. Others in The Staffordshire team were Eddie Edwards from Wolstanton lost in a close contest with J. Milton of Scotland, while 23years old John Stanway a trainee at Berryhill was voted gamest loser.

Sentinel 25th May 1955 L p11
at an inquest on the 24th Robert Lawton age 52yars of 292 Shelton Rd Cliffe Vale. A verdict of accidental death was recorded. Mr Lawton was fatally injured when he was struck by an iron support while working at Berryhill colliery. He died later that day at N.S.R.I.

Sentinel 13th June 1955 L p7
Local collieries successful at the miners’ gala in Tamworth. Victoria won the tug of war; Holditch came runners up in the relay. Representing Chatterley Whitfield, the Noveljettes won the dance competition, with Berryhill second, and Florence third.

Sentinel 7th July 1955 Lf p5
Details of the inquest into the death (30/06/55) at Berryhill colliery of Mr William James Sherratt age 49 due to a roof fall. Mr Sherratt lived at Corner Way Werrington.

Sentinel 15th October 1955 L p1
Coal drawing is to recommence at Berryhill colliery on Monday following a mishap in the shaft when a loose wagon caused damage to brickwork.

Sentinel 17th October 1955 L p5
Photograph of the opening of a boxing gym at Berryhill colliery. In the photograph watching N.C.B. middleweight champion G Cataldi using the punch bag is Mr H Lockett joint secretary of the miners welfare committee.

Sentinel 22nd November 1955 L p 10
Two photographs, one of Mr P. Yates, sub area agent presenting a long service certificate to Mr W. Bentley for 54 years service to Berryhill colliery. The presentation was held at the athletic club. The second photograph is of an unnamed miner at the Hanley Deep flower show.

Sentinel 19th April 1956 Late page 11
Photograph of Florence Colliery and Berry Hill football team. Florence won 6-0

Sentinel 30th April 1956 Late page 5
£7000 Sports ground for Berry Hill Miners Opened. Photograph of officials, among those present was Mr H. Locket President of the North Staffs Branch of the N.U.M.

Evening Sentinel. July 4th 1956 Late Page 5.
A 64 year old miner, Mr. J. Griffiths, of 62, Henry Street, Tunstall, collapsed and died at Berry Hill colliery, Victoria Road, Fenton, yesterday.

Sentinel 18th January 1957 Late p12
Photograph of boxers from the Leek parish church amateur boxing club during a friendly competition with North Staffs miners at Berryhill gymnasium.

Sentinel 11th Nov1957 late p4
there is a photograph of the Asst Area Gen Manager A.C.Beaton making a presentation to Mr A Mansfield who was still working at Berryhill colliery after 56years. Also a presentation was made to Mr J Mountford of Parkhouse colliery who was retiring after 51 years service. Mr J R Ball did the honours.

Sentinel 15th Nov1957 late p6
Mr Harry Pugh a surface worker at Berryhill was killed when he caught up in some machinery in the coal prep plant

Evening Sentinel. February 10th 1958. Late. Page 8.
Photograph Berry Hill colliery officials annual dinner which was held at Tunstall on Saturday, in the photo’ is Mr. F.M. Ball, (Area Agent) Mr. Jack Dean, who as worked at the colliery for 58 years, 42 of them has an official, also in the photo’ his Mr. P.J. Murphy, (Manager) Mr. A.W. Worthington, Mr. A. Sharples, Mr. B. Lindop.

Evening Sentinel. January 6th 1959. Late. Page 5.
North Staffordshire has two problem pits, Fenton and Berry Hill. One colliery may have to close in the near future. This was stated by Mr E.H. Browne, Chairman of the West midlands Division, of the N.C.B. at a press conference held at Birmingham.

Evening Sentinel. January 13th 1959. Late. Page 5.
While both Berry Hill and Fenton pits have been described has problem pits, no decision has been taken on the dates that they might close, with a view to transferring men to other pits in the district. This was stated by Mr. Browne, in a letter reply to Mr. Ellis Smith M.P. for Stoke-on-Trent South.

Evening Sentinel. February 10th 1959. Late Final. Page 1.
An unemployed Bucknall man said to have previous convictions for stealing, pleaded guilty to stealing 4 cwt, of coal, worth 30s, from Berry Hill colliery. He was sent to prison for two months.

Evening Sentinel. April 13th 1959. Late. Page 5.
Photograph of Mr. W. Williams, District Secretary of the National Union of Enginemen, Firemen, Mechanics and Electrical workers, presenting a 50, year union service medal to, Mr. William Dale, a retired colliery fitter from Berry Hill colliery, at a social evening held at Tunstall Town Hall, on Saturday night.

Evening Sentinel. May 5th 1959. Late. Page 1.
Berry Hill colliery, football team lost 4-0 in the final of the North Staffordshire Alliance league cup competition, at Meakin’s sports ground, Hanley, last night.

Evening Sentinel. June 16th 1959. Late. Page 1.
Photograph of Mr. Jack Dean, who has recently retired after 52 years in the mining industry, can be seen with his colleagues from Berry Hill colliery. Mr. Dean has been an official at Berry Hill Colliery for 40 years.

Evening Sentinel. June 20th 1959. Late. Page 1.
Photograph of Berry Hill colliery spoil tip.

Evening Sentinel. November 6th 1959. Late. Page1.
Berry Hill colliery is to close next year, it employs 662 of whom 503 work underground. All men under the age of 65 will be offered jobs at Hem Heath colliery, or neighbouring collieries, the remaining coal reserves will be worked out at from the adjoining Stafford colliery.
City Final Page 1. Photograph of the afternoon shift at Berry hill colliery, reading about the closure of the pit in the “Sentinel”.
Page 12. Berry Hill men, criticise the pit closure plan.

Evening Sentinel. November 12th 1959. Late. Page 8.
The number one priority task, of Mr. R. Job, Industrial Relations Officer, of the North Staffordshire Area, of the N.C.B. is to look after the men made redundant by the closure of Berry Hill colliery Fenton.

Evening Sentinel January 21st1960 Late Final Page 12
Berry hill colliery, Fenton, whose closing date as been given as April, will in fact close on Easter Saturday, April 16th. No other North Staffordshire colliery as been contemplated for closure.

Evening Sentinel February 29th 1960 Late. Page 5.
A new Mine's Rescue Station is to be set up at the old Berry Hill colliery site at Fenton. Said Mr. Widdowson, the N.C.B. area Manager, when presenting competition awards at Tunstall Town Hall on Saturday, and he paid tribute to the unselfish pit rescue work done by volunteers. More on this article is on this page in the "Sentinel".

Evening Sentinel April 7th 1960 Late Page 1
Berry Hill Colliery will close next week. 550 men will be transferred elsewhere. More on this article is on this page in the "Sentinel".

Evening Sentinel May 2nd 1960 Late. Page 3.
Photo of North Staffordshire Branch of N.A.C.O.D.S. at the closing of Berry Hill colliery.

Evening Sentinel May 16th 1960 Late Final Page 1.
The pit head baths at the recently closed Berry Hill colliery are to be converted into a new mines rescue station. More on this article is on this page in the "Sentinel".

Evening Sentinel November 5th 1960. Late. Page 1.
The 140 foot high boiler house chimney at the former Berry Hill colliery was demolished by Rafferty Bros. at 09.00 am yesterday. More on this article is on this page in the "Sentinel"

Evening Sentinel December 16th 1960. Late. Page 8.
From today the Mines rescue station is now at Berry hill, it has moved from Glebe Street, Stoke, where it as been for the last 40 years.

Evening Sentinel Jan 8th 1962 Page 5.
An old fitters shop at Berryhill colliery, closed in 1960 is to be converted into a colliery craft apprentices training workshop at the cost of £7,000.

Evening Sentinel March 2nd 1962 Page 8.
The new home of the North Staffs mines rescue centre at Berryhill will be officially be opened on March 15th by Mr. J. Bass, chairman of the West Midlands of the NCB. The end of the lease on the old Glebe St. premises in Stoke where the rescue station was housed for 40 years almost co-incided with the closure of Berryhill colliery last year and the NCB took the opportunity to adapt part of the site as a new rescue centre.

Evening Sentinel March 15th 1962 Page 14.
New rescue station officially opened at Berryhill. High tribute was paid to the staunch body of men who in various ways were doing so much for one of our great industial services. (full article on this page)

Evening Sentinel April 13th 1962 City final page 9.
A 50 strong members of Stoke-on-Trent’s watch committee and City fire prevention association visited the new mines rescue station at Berryhill.

Evening Sentinel July 30th 1962 Page 5.
Mossfield won the area trophy in the NCB finals at Berryhill on Saturday. Victoria was 2nd and Wolstanton 3rd. More than 500 men took part.

Evening Sentinel Oct 22nd 1962 Page 5.
An inscribed official’s safety lamp was presented to Mr. Alfred Worthington of Trent Vale. The lamp was presented on behalf of the Executive Committee. This was the first time a presentation of a lamp had been made in the area. Alfred worked at Berryhill for 40 years. (more details plus photo)

Evening Sentinel Oct 31st 1962 Page 8.
The NCB are considering the re-development of the now overgrown sports ground of the former Berryhill colliery, for re-developing the site.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 21st 1964 Page 4.
Mr. H.J. Widdowson, North Staffs area General Manager of the NCB congratulated Mr. P. Lightfoot, Capt. Of the Hem Heath colliery team, who won the area NCB mines rescue competition at Berry hill rescue centre on Saturday. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel May 7th 1965 Page 11.
The North Staffordshire area staff of the NCB are to be brought together for the first time in a new £300,000 office block which will be the NCBs first air-conditioned area headquarters at Berry Hill colliery.

Evening Sentinel Sep 20th 1965 Page 6.
Photo of the NCB Victoria rescue team in the competition at Berryhill. Hem Heath were the winners. Write up on page 12.

Evening Sentinel July 27th + 28th 1966
Two pages with photos on Staffordshire House, the new NCB headquarters built on the site of the former Berryhill colliery.

Evening Sentinel Dec 30th 1968 Page10. F.
Photo of Mr. John Cummings who celebrated his 90th birthday yesterday. He worked at Berryhill colliery for 40 years until he retired at the age of 72.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 3rd 1970 Page 9. F.
Stoke-on-Trent councillors and officials watched in amazement as 40-ton monsters tackled a reclamation dream. The earth movers were working on one of the biggest reclamation schemes in the country at Berryhill colliery. (Photos)

Evening Sentinel Dec. 15th 1971 Page 7 F.
Mr Percy Cashmore, who left school at the age of 12, became a prominent North Staffordshire colliery director, died at his home, he was 91 years of age. He was appointed manager at Mossfield colliery in 1911, seven years later he became manager of Berryhill colliery before being transferred in 1931 to Fenton as agent and manager. He retired in 1943. His retirement was short lived for he returned to work as manager of Berryhill and then again to Fenton, finally he took charge of Bignall End colliery before retiring in 1947.

Evening Sentinel Oct 9th 1973 Page 1 F.
The strike by the drivers was called off today. The decision was taken at a mass meeting at Berry Hill before breakfast, pending negotiations.

Evening Sentinel March 31st 1976 Page 9. F.
Two North Staffs mining men, D. Broom age 37, assistant superintendent at Berry hill Rescue station and P. Moxon age 33, his part-time rescue colleague, who is fire officer at Chatterley Whitfield colliery have received a total of £1.000 from the invention awards panel for designing a personnel recovery stretcher.

Evening Sentinel Oct 21st 1978 Page 16 L.
Of the 180 drivers employed by the NCB at their Berryhill base, 149 were awarded with diplomas, bars or medals associated with driving.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 15th 1979 Page 4. L.
Eleven mine rescue men from North Staffs received long service certificates at the NCB rescue station Berryhill yesterday. They also received miniature pit lamps.

Evening Sentinel May 23rd 1983 Page 18. C.F.
A first step towards an open-cast mine at Berryhill was taken today by the NCB, it could involve up to 300 acres.

Evening Sentinel June 3rd 1983 Page 6. Crewe.
Members of the housing committee gave approval for an agreement to be negotiated with the NCB to prospect for opencast coal on council land at Berryhill.

Evening Sentinel January 19th 1990 Cheshire. page 8.
Full Page. “Coal chiefs reveal the face of things to come” A article on opencast at Berry Hill including a map.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 19th 1990 County. Page 3.
A private meeting to outline proposals for the heart of the City was dramatically halted for several minuets last night families opposed to the opencast at Berry Hill.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 23rd 1990 Moorlands Page3.
Berry Hill opencast a “guinea pig plan” said M.P. Mark Fisher.

Evening Sentinel Mar. 14th 1990 Newcastle Page16
More than a hundred families have joined the fight against the controversial plans for an opencast mine in the centre of the City. The meeting was at Queens School, Fenton, it was one of series organised by Berry hill action group.

Evening Sentinel Mar. 17th 1990 County Page3
B.C. today dismissed claims that the change to conventional coal industries bill would hit plans to opencast at Berry Hill.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 11th 1990 Cheshire Page 13.
Families fighting the planned opencast site at Berry Hill as attract B.C. claimed that the City would be £1 million better off.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 25th 1990 Newcastle Page 16
Pupils of Berry Hill School are opposed to the opencast mine at Berry Hill (Photo)

Evening Sentinel May. 25th 1990 County Page 1.
A snub to B.C. by S-on-T City Council, they have throne out an application to drill extra bore holes at Berry Hill.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 12th 1990 County Page3.
S-on-T traders are backing objectors fighting the controversial opencast mining plans at Berry Hill.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 18th 1990 County Page 1.
Noise experts are being drafted in by S-on-T City Council to help against the proposed opencast site at Berry Hill.

Evening Sentinel 30th Nov 1996 Page 5 The way we were.
The story of George Shufflebotham, who worked at 5 pits in North Staffs. He rose from shotfirer at Berry Hill colliery to senior overman at Florence colliery. He tells of his life as a young face worker at Berry hill colliery.

Evening Sentinel 24th April 1997 Page 3 Cheshire
An article on Keith Meeson, collecting mining relics from the closed mines rescue station at Berry Hill.

Evening Sentinel 27th Sep 1997 Page 15 The way we were
Concluding the series, mining memories by George Shufflebotham. George worked at Berry Hill, Mossfield, Wolstanton, Hem Heath and Florence.

Evening Sentinel 7th Dec 1998 Page 3 Cheshire
School children brought mining history to life to mark the rejuvenation of an abandoned coal-field at Berryhill.

Evening Sentinel 25th March 1999 Page 9 Cheshire
A book of memories chronicling one man’s fight against opencast mining in Berryhill has been donated to the community. William Jukes died age 45 just before the mining proposals were scrapped.

Evening Sentinel 12th July 1999 Page 2 C F
Almost £90.000 is to be spent to put out a fire which raged underground in old coal workings for decades and has plagued families in the Berryhill area since 1972.

Evening Sentinel 15th July 1999 Page 16 Moorlands
A fire raging underground at Berryhill, it has been revealed today will now cost £700,000; £88.000 had been approved earlier.