Sentinal. March 19th 1948 City Final. Page 1.
For the 10th successive week, Mossfield colliery as exceeded there target output. The average weekly output has been more than 8,000 tons, against their target of 7,800 tons. Last week they raised 8,393 tons, a record weekly output.

Sentinel May 13th 1948. City Final.Page 1.
An inquest took place yesterday in Hanley, on Mr. Wilfred Mountford of Ivy Cottage, Adderley Green, Longton. A former under manager at Stirrup and Pye colliery. Who had been employed at Mossfield colliery for 25 years, collapsed and died in the pit. Verdict. Natural causes

Sentinel July 19th 1948. City Final.Page 1.
Mr. Albert Waine aged 26, of Dividy Lane, Longton, a miner at Mossfield colliery, was admitted to the N.S.R.I. with injuries to spine, chest, and left arm

Evening Sentinel Oct 25th 1949 Page 5. F.
When he was trapped under a fall of roof at Mossfield colliery last night, Mr. E. Billing’s age 48 received abdominal injuries and was taken to the NSRI.

Sentinel June 1st 1950 page 5
Two miners hurt in accident at Mossfield unit of N.C.B Thomas Bullock of Heron Cross. And Samuel Leese of Newcastle.

Sentinel August 2nd 1950 page 5
Dog trapped in disused pit shaft near to Mossfield Colliery, attempt to reach the dog was adandoned because of risk involved.

Evening Sentinal. March 29th 1952. Final. Page 5.
A pit fatality of a rare an unusual accident, which happened without precedent at Mossfield colliery, was described at a Hanley Inquest yesterday on Frank Gregory Symcox, a miner, aged 31, of 14, Wooliscroft Road, Bucknall. Medical evidence was given by Dr. K. Leddy, death was due to paralysis of the of the chest mussels, following spinal injury, constant with a blow from a steel prop. More on this can be seen on this page in the "Sentinel"

Evening Sentinel. April 21st 1952. Final Page 5.
Awards to veteran's of the mining industry. Nine miners from Mossfield colliery with 50 years service or more received certificates and a cheque at a concert held at Wesleyan School, Adderley Green, on Saturday. Mr. Rowland Bennett, made the presentations to Mr. J. Tabbinor, (54yrs, 44yrs as Deputy) Mr. J. Collard, (53yrs 46yrs as a face worker) Mr. E. Scragg, (50yrs) Mr. B. Adams, (50yrs) Mr. T. Millner, (50yrs) Mr. T. Cotton, (52yrs)Mr. T Moore, (56yrs) Mr. J. Woolridge, (56yrs) Mr. J Dawson, (52yrs). More on this in the "Sentinel" on this page.

Evening Sentinel. November 12th 1952 Late Page 1.
Two miners killed at Longton pit, and a third had a lucky escape from injury by a heavy roof fall at Mossfield colliery. The dead men were Mr. James Christopher Caffrey, aged 21, of 19, Wooliscroft road, Bucknall, and Mr. James Edward Moughty, aged 23, of 7, Churchill Road, Cheadle. They were working underground with a third man, Mr. Patrick Hourane, of 90, Uttoxeter Road, Longton. When the accident happened the three were members of a cutting team and were boring rock. They were employed by a firm of mining engineers, John Brown and Sons, (Wolverhampton Ltd.)

Evening Sentinel. November 28th 1952 Final Page 8.
An Inquest on a retired miner, Mr. Harry Booth aged 56, of 14, Foley Street Fenton. Who had worked at Mossfield colliery, Longton for 33 years, who was stated to have been receiving disability pension, for an accident in 1943 which he fractured his spine. Death was Heart failure due to Arterio Sclerosis.

Evening Sentinel. January 30th 1953. Late. Page 7.
The father of Kenneth George Alcock aged 28, of 63 Argyle Road Longton, gave the signal for the lowering of the pit cage, when some time later he found out that when he had lowered the cage it had killed his son instantly. The father Mr. John Alcock aged 52, of 5, Rowland Street, Longton, who was the foreman blacksmith at Mossfield colliery on January 18th when the accident happened. The Coroner returned a verdict of Accidental death. More on this article can be seen on this page.

Evening Sentinel. February 19th 1953. Late Final. Page 8.
A miner was killed at Mossfield colliery today when a piece of coal fell from the coalface and struck him, he was Mr. Ronald Parsons, aged 29, of 14, Seedfields Road, Heron Cross, Fenton. He leaves a widow and five children. A verdict of accidental death was recorded on Mr. Parsons who was a victim of “ill luck”. A report of the inquest can be seen in February 21st Late Edition on Page 5.

Evening Sentinel. April 24th1953. Late. Page 5
Fell into the sump at Mossfield colliery. At the inquest into the death of 72 year old pumpman, Mr. John Brammer, of 101, Anchor Road Longton, Mr. Brammer collapsed with heart failure, and fell into the sump. Death was from cardiac failure due to extensive carcinoma of the liver. More on this article can be seen on this page.

Sentinel 5th Oct 1954
tragic accident at Mossfield Colliery. Coal cutter mechanic Stanley Newbon was killed when a Steele rope struck him. Two other men were injured. Details of the inquest were in the Sentinel of 11th Sept.

Sentinel 13th January 1955 L p10
A presentation was made in Longton to Mr S Barker (Special Duties) of Mossfield Colliery. Mr Barker had worked nearly 50 yrs in the mining industry. He also served in the First World War. There was more information in the Sentinel on the 17th Jan late edition page 1, and a photograph in the late edition page 8 on the 18th Jan

Sentinel 6th May 1955 L p12
Photograph of the Mossfield colliery football team finalist in the Longton league division two cup.

Sentinel 13th July 1955 L p11
Wonderful article on three ex Mossfield colliery miners who have sunk their savings into the creation of a small mine off Salter’s Lane Werrington. The men named as J Sproson, Jim Forrester, and Harry Allen live in the Longton/Adderley Green area hope to produce up to 100 tons a week

Sentinel 13th August 1955 L p1
A Mossfield colliery deputy Mr George Till age 47 lost his life today when he was overcome by gas. Further details from the inquest can be found on page five in the late edition of the Sentinel on the 17th of August.

Sentinel 19th March 1956 Late page 7
Seven North Staffordshire miners each with more than 50 years service in the industry were given long service certificates, by Mr. Fred Ball, (Berry Hill Group Manager) at the annual dinner of Mossfield colliery’s social, welfare and sports club. The reciprocants were: Mr. Percy Hollingshead, who started work at Mossfield colliery in 1903, Mr. John Thomas Hincks, who began work at Hulme colliery in 1901. Mr. William W. Burgess, Florence colliery, 1902. Mr. John Thomas Griffiths, 1903 at Parkhall colliery. Mr. Harry Forrester, Ubberley pits in 1903. Mr. James E. Lowe, Mossfield colliery, 1905. Mr. Thomas Edwin Poole, Talke o’ th’ hill colliery 1905.

Evening Sentinel. March 24th 1956 Late Page 1.
A man believed to be picking coal at Mossfield colliery tip, was killed when a rolling bolder hit him on the head. A report of the inquest of this mans death, is in all the editions of the Sentinel of the 27th on Page 1.

Sentinel 10th April 1956 Late page 7
Collieries 9th first aid win. Victoria colliery won welfare shield Madeley were second. Mossfield won the Wynne cup and Hem Heath junior team took the junior challenge cup

Evening Sentinel. April 14th 1956 Football Final page 1
A 31 year old Longton miner was found collapsed in Irlam, Lancashire on Thursday night, he only recovered his memory last night. He is a face worker at Mossfield colliery.

Evening Sentinel. July 13th 1956 Late Page 6.
Of the ten scholarships awarded by the N.C.B. for industrial relations, two have been awarded to, two North Staffordshire colliery employees, they are Mr. G.E. Gosling, aged 23, of Ashlands Road , Hartshill, a managers assistant at Mossfield colliery, and, Mr. F. Price, aged 25, of 53, Wellington Road, Hanley, a deputy at Hanley deep pit.

Sentinel 1ST April 1957 late final p5
Victoria colliery's first aid team wins the North Staffs competition for the 10th year. Runners up were Norton, with Mossfield third. Hem Heath juniors won the Wynne Cup. There is a photo of Ron Smith receiving cup on behalf of the Hem Heath team. The competition was held at the Heron Cross primary school.

Evening Sentinel. March 17th 1958. Late. Page 4.
The Ambulance Challenge Shield held for the passed 10 years by Victoria colliery, was won by Mossfield colliery at the N.C.B. West midlands Division No1 North Staffordshire Area inter-colliery competition at Heron Cross on Saturday. There is a photograph of the wining team with team captain Mr. J.M. Elhone.

Evening Sentinel. March 24th 1958. Late. Page 1.
A piece of falling roof coal struck Mr. Thomas William Rowe, of 95, Mollinson road, Meir, on the head as he was working at Mossfield colliery, Longton, and killed him. The Sentinel, on the 25th gave the colliery as Florence. I do not know which one is correct! The inquest on Mr. Albert Adams, who was killed at Norton colliery, is likely to be held later on in the week.

Evening Sentinel. March 28th 1958. Late. Page 1.
At the inquest on Thomas William Rowe, the jury returned a verdict of accidental death. Death was caused by Asphyxiation with lung Haemorrhage was given by Dr. E.C. Myott. There is a full report on the inquest on this page.

Evening Sentinel. May 19th 1958. Late. Page 4.
Photograph of the opening of Mossfield colliery Sports and Social Club, by Mr. A. Badderley (President of the Midlands Division of the N.U.M.) also in the photograph is Messer’s E. Lindop, H. Wainwright, H. Carson, A. Turner, F.M. Ball and H.J. Dennis.

Evening Sentinel. June 2nd 1958. Late. Page 5.
Twelve retired mine workers with a combined 634 years service received cheques and a long service certificate at the annual diner dance of Mossfield colliery Social, Welfare and Sports Club, at Longton Town Hall on Saturday night. Presentations were made by Mr. C. Beaton the Area Assistant General Manager of the N.C.B. to Messer’s A. Edwards, W. Salt. (57 years) C. Elkin. (56 years) J.H. Slinn. (53 years) J Edwards, F. Edwards, W. Turner, J. Hall. (52 years) H. Bourne, C. Heath, F. Horleston. (51 years) E.J. Simms. (50 years) There were numerous other prizes presented to sportsmen. There is a photograph on page 5 on the 5th June edition of Mr. Alf Edwards Receiving his award, plus some of the other men.

Evening Sentinel. October 15th Late. Page 4.
Photograph of Mr. J. Spooner presenting a television set on behalf of the craftsmen and surface workers of Mossfield colliery, to Mr. S.W. Goodwin, chairman of the N.S.R.I. house committee, the set is for the nurse’s home.

Evening Sentinel. November 11th 1958. Late. Page12.
A 50 year old surface worker, at Mossfield colliery, Longton, was killed yesterday in an accident at the pit. He was Mr. Harry Burgess, of 49, Kildare Street, Longton, who was killed instantly when he was trapped between a tipper, and a wall, near the pithead.

Evening Sentinel. May 8th 1959. Late. Page 8.
Mossfield colliery will represent North Staffordshire area in the senior section, and Victoria colliery will represent the junior section, in the West Midland Division of the N.C.B. first-aid competition, at Bushbury, Wolverhampton tomorrow.

Evening Sentinel May 18th 1960 City Final. Page 1.
A £25,000 pools win and a miner is worried about serving his notice. Mr. Frank Ridge, a Shotfirer, at Mossfield colliery, Adderley Green, of Longley Road, Longton. More on this article is on this page in the "Sentinel."

Evening Sentinel June 13th 1960. Late. Page.5
Poor support at Mossfield colliery's annual Carnival at Adderley Green, came as a severe let down to the organisers, who had planned the event to be one of the most ambitious ever. Only 600 attended the Carnival, compared to 1,200 last year, when the weather was just as overcast.

Evening Sentinel September 26th 1960. Late Final. Page 1.
A strike occurred today at Mossfield colliery when 20 fillers stopped work in the Bull Hurst seam, the Holly Lane district was unaffected. More on this article is on this page in the "Sentinel"

Evening Sentinel September 27th 1960 Late. Page 1.
Normal work today was resumed after yesterday's strike at Mossfield colliery. The reason for the strike is being investigated.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 19th 1962 Page 7.
The annual party for retired miners at Mossfield last night. (photo)

Evening Sentinel March 23rd 1962 Page 1.
It is understood that after the closure of Parkhall in Aug, Mossfield was likely to be next possibly next year.

Evening Sentinel March 24th 1962 Page 4.
Mossfield decision to close was deplored, all union members employed at the colliery have been invited to a meeting when the question of closure is to be discussed.

Evening Sentinel July 30th 1962 Page 5.
Mossfield won the area trophy in the NCB finals at Berryhill on Saturday. Victoria was 2nd and Wolstanton 3rd. More than 500 men took part.

Evening Sentinel Sep 4th 1962 Page 7.
North Staffordshire collieries are well placed in the National safe pits competition, Hem Heath are lying 10th in their class and Mossfield are 6th. North Staffs pits are sweeping the board in the West Midlands Division.

Evening Sentinel Sep 20th 1962 Page 7.
Presentations were made last night at the Mossfield Sports Club to Mr. Harry Carson, cheques totalling £24 and electrical equipment were presented. Harry entered the industry in 1911 as an apprentice electrician at Florence colliery. In January 1924 he moved to Mossfield and after nationalisation in 1947 went to Foxfield as electrical engineer, 7 years later he was appointed Group Electrical Engineer, a position he held until his retirement.

Evening Sentinel Oct 29th 1962 Page 10. (Final)
Following a report on Mossfield colliery by their own technical experts, the NUM are to accept the Coal Board’s proposals that the pit should close.

Evening Sentinel Dec 14th 1962 Page 5.
A verdict of accidental death was recorded at an inquest on Mr. Hugh Prout age 55 a colliery deputy who died when he was crushed by an empty coal tub at Mossfield colliery a week ago.

Evening Sentinel Jan 24th 1963 Page 7.
Mossfield colliery will close at Easter. J Bass, Chairman of the West midlands Division said yesterday, no redundancy was anticipated. The 550 men would be transferred to other pits.

Evening Sentinel March 4th 1963 Page 4.
Mossfield colliery ambulance team, for the third year in succession, have won a cup competed for within the Stoke district.
Page 5. For the second time running Park Hall colliery rescue team received the area rescue trophy. Runners up were Hem Heath, Holditch came third. Long service medals and certificates were also presented.

Evening Sentinel March 28th 1963 Page 16.
The NCB today disclosed plans for the closure of Mossfield colliery, one of the oldest in North Staffordshire, in two stages.

Evening Sentinel Oct 26th 1963 Page 8.
Mossfield colliery First Aid team received the NCB Area Senior Shield last night, also the Silver Rose bowl, they will hold for a year for winning the West Midlands Division area First Aid competition.

Evening Sentinel April 28th 1964 Page 1 L.
Mr J.B. Wood, Deputy Chairman of the West Midlands Division of the NCB, congratulated Mr. E. Savage, Capt of Norton colliery civil defence team, after the team representing North Staffs, won the annual competition at Mossfield colliey, Longton, yesterday. They now go on to the National finals at Easingwood, Yorks in June.

Evening Sentinel Jan 2nd 1969 Page 9. F.
The funeral of Mr. James Spooner, a surface superintendent at Wolstanton colliery takes place at St. Andrews tomorrow. Mr. Spooner began working at Wolstanton colliery, before that he worked at Holditch and Mossfield.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 15th 1971 Page 7 F.
Mr Percy Cashmore, who left school at the age of 12, became a prominent North Staffordshire colliery director, died at his home, he was 91 years of age. He was appointed manager at Mossfield colliery in 1911, seven years later he became manager of Berryhill colliery before being transferred in 1931 to Fenton as agent and manager. He retired in 1943. His retirement was short lived for he returned to work as manager of Berryhill and then again to Fenton, finally he took charge of Bignall End colliery before retiring in 1947.

Evening Sentinel. June 26th 1972. Final Page 5.
A 200 ft. high Longton eyesore, the Mossfield colliery slag heap is to be shifted under a £170,000 reclamation scheme, which will be put before Stoke-on–Trent City Council on Thursday. Mossfield colliery was affectionately known to generations of miners as “Ow’d Sal”. It employed 550 men when it ceased producing in 1963. There is a photograph in Tuesday’s Edition on page 4.

Evening Sentinel. July 3rd 1972. City Final Page 7.
Mammoth earthworks at Park Farm, Goldenhill, were the first stopping point to-day in a fact finding tour of Stoke-on-Trent land reclamation sites by Members of the City Council. The members watched huge earth shovels and trucks remove part of a estimated 750,000 tons of coal from the site. It is the N.C.B. three and a half year program for opencast coal mining, also on to-days tour are to be visits to Mossfield colliery, reclamation site, the Berryhill, walk way scheme and the operation eyesore schemes at Uttoxeter-road, Longton, and Bethesda-street, Hanley. There is a photograph on Page 1 of the 6thJuly Final Edition.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 23rd 1973 Page 1. C.F.
Photo of bulldozers on Mossfield colliery tip being removed to allow land-scaping by Stoke-on-Trent Corporation

Evening Sentinel Dec. 9th 1976 Page 7 Crewe
Coalminers from Mossfield colliery met yesterday to wind up a club, which has been founded by employees at the pit

Evening Sentinel Oct 15th 1980 Page 11. Crewe
A retired miner, C.W. Forrester age 72 who worked at Mossfield colliery in the 1960s, when through years of suffering and finally died of his injuries he received 20 years ago.

Evening Sentinel August edition is of very poor quality.
Aug 20th 1982 Page 4, Article by R.D. Woodall on explosion at Burslem 125 years ago, plus Sneyd and Mossfield collieries.

Evening Sentinel Sep 23rd 1982 Page 23. F.
Friends and workmates of Jack Holford age 62, met to present him with a 3 year certificate at a Sneyd Green hotel. He started work at Mossfield as a 14-year old haulage boy.

Evening Sentinel June 6th 1983 Page 7. F.
Mr. R. Thortheycroft has retired after 45 years in the coal industry. He started work as a haulage boy at 14yrs at Racecourse colliery, Shelton in 1938 Then took up work at Sneyd colliery as a deputy in 1949. He later managed Parkhouse, Mossfield and Norton.

Evening Sentinel July 24th 1986 Page 1. F.
British coal have been given a legal order to stop a controversial pirate market on land at the former Mossfield colliery.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 15th 1989 Page 5 Cheshire.
Article in Signalman’s Diary on the 100th anniversary of the Mossfield colliery explosion. John Lumsdon is to give a talk at Adderley Green Working Men’s Club on the actual anniversary 10th October.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 12th 1989 Page 26. Cheshire.
A special service to mark the centenary of the Mossfield colliery disaster is to be held at St. Chad’s. Sandford Hill on Sunday and will be attended by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, Stan and Marg Bate and on Monday John Lumsdon ex-Florence colliery miner, will gave a talk on the disaster at Adderley Green club.

Evening Sentinel 27th Sep 1997 Page 15 The way we were
Concluding the series, mining memories by George Shufflebotham. George worked at Berry Hill, Mossfield, Wolstanton, Hem Heath and Florence.

Evening Sentinel 18th Nov 1997 Page 1 CF
Former coal land renamed the “Mossfield Corridor” could be turned into a low-cost business park providing a 1.000 jobs.