Sentinel June 23rd 1948. City Final.Page 1.
Mr. George W. Whithurst, of 84, Church Street, Butt Lane, a miner at Holditch colliery was admitted to the N.S.R.I., with injuries to his spine, when he became trapped between a conveyor belt and a girder.
Also, a Mr. Douglas Colley, aged 22 of Bankfield Road, Meir, employed at Parkhall colliery, was admitted to Hospital with a fractured leg.
Mr. Joshua Davis aged 39, of 70, Barnfield Road, Burslem, employed at Sneyd colliery, was taken to the N.S.R.I., with injuries to his chest, left arm and shoulder

Sentinel August 28th 1948. City Final.Page 1.
Mr. John Thomas Birks, aged 39, a chargehand at Parkhall colliery, of 41, South Walk, Meir. He was involved in a fatal accident when he was buried in a fall of roof dirt. He was taken to the surface where he failed to respond to oxygen treatment

Sentinel. December 1st 1948. City Final. Page 4.
Involved in accident at Parkhall colliery Mr. William Burke aged 19, of Russell Street, Dresden, was admitted to the N. S. R. I., with rib, abdomen and thigh injuries.

Evening Sentinel May 13th 1949 Page 5.
Two miners are in the NSRI with back injuries, received in falls of dirt at local collieries. They are, Mr. T. Kelly, age 38 employed at Berryhill and Mr. S. Thorley age 48 employed at Parkhall.

Evening Sentinel Aug 16th 1949 Page 6.
Workmen today were shoring up the front wall of 187 Uttoxeter Rd. Longton, which fell on the pavement on Sunday after noon. The Weston pit and Parkhall colliery runs under Uttoxeter Rd.

Evening Sentinel Dec 21st 1949 Page 6.
Pit head output for the week ending Dec 17th were; Parkhall 5,820 tons (An all time record) Parkhouse 5,820 tons (Best output since 1938) Madeley 4,822 tons Silverdale 7,203 tons and Florence 9,542 tons. All of which were the best since vesting day.

Sentinel July 19th 1950 page 5
Presentation to retired colliery worker, Mr Albert Brough of Cheadle 53 years service at Parkhall. New Haden. and Foxfield.(Note Parkhall at Cheadle not this Pit)

Sentinel Dec 12th 1950.
This is a list of men who were presented with long service certificates at St Johns Schoolroom, Longton.
The men are all members of the Park Hall Unit of the N.C.B
Long Service
James Whitehouse.Rough Close Caverswall.
George Williams of Caroline St Longton.
J.Moffatt James Road Bucknall.
A.Whitehurst. Hamilton Road Normacot.
J.Berresford Uttoxeter Road Meir.
J.Ball Sandon Road Meir.
A.Appleton Normacot Road Longton.
S.Cotton Long Road Cookshill.
F.Burgess Wulstan Road Adderley Green.
J.Holt Wulstan Road Adderley Green.
Good Service
J.Walker Sandon Road Meir.
J.Tams Meirhay Road Longton.
Ambulance certificates
J.Ward Lightwood Chase.
H.Pugh Parkhead Drive Weston Coyney.
Gallagher St Marys Road Sandford Hill.
A.Wright Grangewood Road Meir.
C.Mellor Prospect Place Normacot.
A.Chell Harrowby Road Meir.
W.Wood St Marys Road Sandford
J.Parkins Argyle Road Dresden.
H.Bryan Mollison Road Longton.
Welcome to Guests.
The Chairman was Mr K.Walker Manager of the Park Hall Colliery.
Mr P.K.Yates sub area Agent.
Mr T.Yates sen. Who has been connected with Park Hall Colliery for many years.
Mr H.Lockett N.U.M Area Secretary.

Evening Sentinel. November 26th 1953. Late. Page 10.
. Parkhall colliery male voice choir made a return visit to Cheadle Wesleyan Methodist church to take part in special Sunday industrial service.

Sentinel 12th Nov1954 (final p12)
Photograph of local boxers, including brothers Tony and Carl Cotterill from Parkhall colliery

Sentinel 17th February 1955 L p5
Article on local boxers appearing at the N.C.B. finals to be held at the Victoria hall Hanley. Among those mentioned were Tony Cotterill from Parkhall Colliery, P Brindley Hanley Deep, and Gordon Lythgoe of Chatterley Whitfield.

Sentinel 1st December 1955 L p 10
At the Temple Methodist church in Fenton a model of a modern colliery was on display at the annual miners service. The Parkhall Male Voice Choir sang hymns. Also in attendance was Mr Rowland Bennett area general manager, Mr E Jones national president N.U.M. and Mr H. Lockett area N.U.M. The service was arranged by colliery manager Mr D Alexander.

Evening Sentinel. March 19th 1956 Late Page 7.
Seven North Staffordshire miners each with more than 50 years service in the industry were given long service certificates, by Mr. Fred Ball, (Berry Hill Group Manager) at the annual dinner of Mossfield colliery’s social, welfare and sports club. The reciprocants were: Mr. Percy Hollingshead, who started work at Mossfield colliery in 1903, Mr. John Thomas Hincks, who began work at Hulme colliery in 1901. Mr. William W. Burgess, Florence colliery, 1902. Mr. John Thomas Griffiths, 1903 at Parkhall colliery. Mr. Harry Forrester, Ubberley pits in 1903. Mr. James E. Lowe, Mossfield colliery, 1905. Mr. Thomas Edwin Poole, Talke o’ th’ hill colliery 1905.

Sentinel 2nd July 1957 late p4
Inquest into the death of Parkhall mineworker Denny Cotton. He was struck by a runaway tub.

Sentinel 18th September 1957 late p1
A report into an accident at Parkhall colliery on the 25th July when a face worker was blinded in a shot-firing incident.

July 4th 1958. Late. Page 4.
An Oakamoor miner at Parkhall colliery, Frederick Charles Clewes, of Longhurst farm, Oakamoor lost his claim against the N.C.B. at Stafford Assizes yesterday on Evening Sentinel. the grounds of personal injury, negligence and a breech of safety duty. Mr. Justice Stable, said “he thought the plaintiffs accident was shear bad luck for which the N.C.B. could not be responsible”

Evening Sentinel. November 15th 1958. Late. Page5.
After working underground for 56 years at Parkhall colliery, Mr. John Stonier, received his last full pay packet, it contained £38, it was a retirement “nest egg” for the 70 year old miner. It was a Benevolent Fund, on the basis of £1, for the first 20 years service, and then 10s, for every year after that. Mr. Stonier lives at 17, Brookhouse Road, Meir. He started work at Parkhall colliery at the age of 14, on 1s-9d, a day, for a twelve hour shift.

Evening Sentinel. May 4th 1959. Late. Page 4.
Parkhall colliery Male Voice Choir, are at present in rehearsal at Lytham St. Ann’s, for the music festival to be held in June. In the last eight years they have raised more than a £1,000 for good causes.

Evening Sentinel. June 13th 1959. Late. Page 6.
At an inquest a Longton miner took his own life while the balance of his mind was disturbed. Because his family had left him and because he was suffering pain from a colliery accident he had received at Parkhall colliery.

Evening Sentinel. July 31st 1959. Special Edition. Page 2.
Photograph of Mr. Jack Milward, who retired yesterday as an Engineer at Parkhall colliery, after forty five years in the mining industry. Mr. Milward is seen receiving a portable radio from Mr. F.M. Ball, No 5 Group Manager, West Midlands N.C.B.

Evening Sentinel January 2nd1960 Football Final Page 4
A verdict of accidental death by electrocution was returned on Mr. Charles Melville, aged 60, a colliery powerhouse attendant, of 898, Uttoxeter Road, Meir, who died at Parkhall colliery Longton on December 28th. Death was Respiratory failure due to Electrocution.

Evening Sentinel September 23rd 1960.Late. Page 1.
Man dies another one trapped in pit. One man was killed and another is still trapped in a fall of ground at Parkhall colliery Longton. The dead man is named as Mr. G. Mellor, believed to be about 19 years old, of 12, Lea Place, Meir, both were working in the Moss face when the fall occurred.

Evening Sentinel September 23rd 1960.City Final Page 1.
The two men killed today at Parkhall colliery were both from Meir. The other one was named as Mr. J.T. Steele aged 22, of 33, Anson Road, Meir,

Evening Sentinel September 23rd 1960.City Final Page 16 STOP PRESS
A third miner on the fringe of the roof fall, Mr Geoffery Hallam aged 21, of Carron Street, Fenton, escaped with minor injuries, he was treated in hospital and sent home. Mr. Steele was a married man with one son. Mr. Mellor was single.

Evening Sentinel September 29th 1960. Late. Page 4.
At the Inquest into the two men killed at Parkhall colliery on the 23rd of this month. A verdict of accidental death was recorded, all safety rules had been obeyed. More on this article is on this page in the "Sentinel"

Evening Sentinel Feb 17th 1962 Page 8.
After 51 years in continuous service at Parkhall colliery, Mr. Billy Jones retired yesterday.

Evening Sentinel March 17th 1962 Page 1.
Parkhall to close, seams to be mined from Florence.

Evening Sentinel March 23rd 1962 Page 1.
It is understood that after the closure of Parkhall in Aug, Mossfield was likely to be next possibly next year.

Evening Sentinel March 26th 1962 Page 10 late final,
photo of Parkhall colliery first aid team in annual competition.

Evening Sentinel March 4th 1963 Page 4.
Mossfield colliery ambulance team, for the third year in succession, have won a cup competed for within the Stoke district.
Page 5. For the second time running Park Hall colliery rescue team received the area rescue trophy. Runners up were Hem Heath, Holditch came third. Long service medals and certificates were also presented.

Evening Sentinel Aug, 26th 1966 Page 16 C.F.
Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Whitebrook who celebrated their golden wedding on Sunday. He worked at Parkhall for 46 years. .

Evening Sentinel Nov. 28th 1966 Page 10. F.
Former officials from the now closed Parkhall colliery, held their first reunion party on Saturday at the Simplex social club, Blyth Bridge. Mr. W.P. McNeal, who was under manager for 20 years, was presented with a miniature miner’s pit lamp. .

Evening Sentinel. June 28th 1972. Final Page 1.
Police to-day sealed off a colliery waste tip at Parkhall colliery, Weston Coyney-road, Weston Coyney, the tip is in the process of being removed.

Evening Sentinel Oct 6th 1981 Page 9.
The County’s and county side committee have received inquiries about Park Hall colliery and they believe there is some merit in allowing coal production to start again.

Evening Sentinel Jan 13th 1982 Page 1 Crewe.
Planning committee members have recommended that the scheme for a mine on the site of former Parkhall colliery should not go forward.

Evening Sentinel Sep 4th1982 Page 3 L.
Mr. Alan Plant has been appointed the new manager of West Cannock 5 colliery. He began his mining career at Park Hall then moved on to Florence 10 years later. He then became under-manager of at Hem Heath in 1968.