Sentinel July 28th 1948. City Final Page 1
North Staffordshire Coalfields output was 139,429 tons, against 134,767 tons, a year ago. An increase of 4,662 tons. (3.46%) Three North Staffordshire collieries, all attained their highest weekly output since 1.1.1947. Hanley Deep, 9,338 tons, Holditch, No 2, 1,638 tons, and Parkhouse 5,017 tons

Sentinel. December 1st 1948. City Final Page 4.
North Staffordshire Coalfields output was 141,238 tons, against 137,293 tons, last year an increase of 3,945 tons, [2.87%] Sneyd and Parkhouse collieries exceeded their output since last vesting day. It was Sneyd Colliery's second week in succession they achieved this.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 28th 1949 Page 5.
Three miners at Holditch colliery, who have each worked 60 years underground, were presented with cheques and NCB diplomas on Saturday. They are, Dick Simms age 77 Henry Scragg age 74 and Tom Symms age 73. Dick Simms was at Holditch for 28 years, also at other collieries. While at Apedale he helped in rescue operations at the Minnie pit explosion in 1918. Henry Scragg started at Parkhouse when he was 14, employed at Holditch for 12 years, and in 1895 he was working at Diglake and was there when the pit flooded killing 77 men. On the day of the tragedy he did not go down the mine, and still does not know why he decided not to do so.

Evening Sentinel Dec 21st 1949 Page 6.
Pit head output for the week ending Dec 17th were; Parkhall 5,820 tons (An all time record) Parkhouse 5,820 tons (Best output since 1938) Madeley 4,822 tons Silverdale 7,203 tons and Florence 9,542 tons. All of which were the best since vesting day.

Sentinel December 14th 1950 page 5
All Time record by pit a Parkhouse Achievement.

Evening Sentinel. February 12th 1952. Late Page 4.
At a meeting of the North Staffordshire Institute of Mining Engineers Next Monday, Mr. E. Bedson will give a paper entitled "experiences with the Meco - Moore cutter - loader at Parkhouse colliery. A full report on this can be seen in the Late Edition of the "Sentinel" on 19th of January.

Evening Sentinel. April 3rd 1952. Late Page 5
For the second successive week Parkhouse colliery last week set a new all time record for the pit. In the week ending the 22nd of March, the previous record was broken with an output of 7,006 tons. Fenton colliery with a tonnage of 3,212 tons, last week had its best performance since May '49. Four other collieries had improved their best performance. Norton, Deep pit, Wolstanton and Silverdale, while, a fifth, Madeley had its best output of the year.

Evening Sentinel. September 15th 1952 City Final Page 4.
The N.C.B. have announced the names of 66 men who have been offered N.C.B. University Scholarships in Mining Engineering, the names include, Three from North Staffordshire, they are, Mr. N.M. Morris of 340 Fordgreen Road, Norton le Moors (Norton colliery) Mr. T. Brereton of 158 Fordgreen Road, Smallthorne, (Parkhouse colliery) Mr. T Williams, of 58, Kelvin Avenue, Sneyd Green (Norton colliery) Mr. R. A. Bentley of Knutton, (Kemball Training Pit.)

Evening Sentinel. December 1st 1953. Late Final Page 10.
. After 70 years in the mining industry Mr. James Edward Ogden, safety and training officer at Parkhouse colliery unit of the N.C.B. has retired. Mr. Ogden who lives at Heather Crest, Station Road, Mow Cop, is 83. He entered the mining industry at 13 as a underground pony driver at Black Bull colliery in 1897, he worked with the crutters making Victoria colliery pit bottom and engine room. There is a lot more on Mr. Ogden's career in this article.

Sentinel 25th Jan 1954 late Final, page 5.
At a presentation dinner to celebrate the long service of Mr J Mountford Fireman (47yrs) and Mr S Leech Overman (46). The manager of Parkhouse Colliery Mr E Bedson commended everyone at the pit at their record production in 1953. Annual output at 298090 tons together with there being no reportable accidents made it exceptional year.

Sentinel 13th Oct1954 (late p1)
40-face men stop work at Parkhouse colliery due to unsafe conditions on the Spendcroft seam.

Sentinel 18th Oct1954 (late p8)
Photograph of a presentation to a miner from Apedale and Glasshouse colliery those in the picture are Mr J Bull now the manager at Parkhouse, a Mr F Fryer and Mr R Riley.

Sentinel 21st Oct1954 (late p1)
Hope rise for a settlement of the strike at Parkhouse colliery. The pit lost 1750 tons following the unofficial walkout due to the removal of an allowance for working in adverse conditions on a Spendcroft face.

Sentinel 25th Oct1954 (late p5)Parkhouse miners go back to work, total coal lost 2500 tons.

Sentinel 10th January 1955 LF p5
Parkhouse colliery new record for 1952 of 323,292 tons. Output per man shift up from 28.77cwt to 31.47cwt.

Sentinel 16th May 1955 L p7
To mark his retirement after 40 years service at Parkhouse Colliery Mr A Ruscoe Chief Electrical Engineer was presented with an armchair. The ceremony was held at the Sneyd Arms Tunstall on the fourteenth of May. Among those present was Mr J Bull Colliery manager, and sub area agent Mr L.W. Fletcher.

Sentinel 10th October 1955 L p7
After 45 years in the mining industry Parkhouse Overman Mr J Burgess was presented with a watch as a tribute to his service. Colliery manager Mr J. Bull was in attendance. Taking part in the concert that followed was Mrs M Pickford, Mr H Jones, with Miss D Hulse at the piano.

Evening Sentinel. May 18th 1956 Late Final Page 14.
The funeral took place yesterday at Bold Street, Northwood, of Mr. Arthur Knight, aged 45, of 44, Court Lane, Wolstanton, a under manager at Parkhouse colliery, Chesterton. Mr. Knight moved to the area four years ago from Mansfield. There's more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. June 26th 1956 Late Page 4.
An appeal by Parkhouse collieries Ltd., of Chesterton, against the decision of Mr. Justice Danckwerts, that the company ceased to be a trading company on the 31st December 1946, it assets being vested by statute in the N.C.B. was dismissed by the court of appeal yesterday.

Evening Sentinel. September 27th 1956 Football Final. Page4.
Nineteen teams fished in the Cobridge Angling Societies water at Congleton, for the North Staffordshire Miners Welfare Angling Trophy, which was won by Norton colliery, second was Sneyd colliery, and third was Parkhouse colliery.

Evening Sentinel. November 12th 1956 Late Final Page. 10.
Photograph of recipients of long service certificates who attended asocial evening organised by Parkhouse colliery Sports, Social and Welfare club at Chesterton, on Saturday. Two brothers, Mr. George Hilditch and Mr. Thomas Hilditch, who have served the coal industry for 60years and 50 years respectively, they can be seen with Mr. L.W. Fletcher.

Sentinel 1st February 1957 Late Final p1
Idris Jones age 51 killed in a roof fall at Parkhouse. He had only been at the colliery for six months after transferring from South Wales.

Sentinel 4th February 1957 Late p5
Record production expected at Parkhouse colliery stated in a speech made by Mr A C Beaton at the staff dinner .

Sentinel 8th April 1957 city final p1
Strike at Parkhouse colliery. Workers on the Peacock seam strike over loss of wages. 1000 tons of coal lost.

Sentinel 16th April 1957 late p8
Mr J G Bromilow N.C.B Chief Ventilation Engineer gave a talk to the North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers at the Technical College. Mr Bromilow used to be the manager at Parkhouse Colliery.

Sentinel 13th August1957 late p4 editorial
Parkhouse colliery break down prejudice by employing 4 Hungarians Refugees. Additional information on page 4.

Sentinel 11th Nov1957 late p4
there is a photograph of the Asst Area Gen Manager A.C. Beaton making a presentation to Mr A Mansfield who was still working at Berryhill colliery after 56years Also a presentation was made to Mr J Mountford of Parkhouse colliery who was retiring after 51 years service. Mr J R Ball did the honours.

Evening Sentinel. May 16th 1958. Late Final. Page16.
Four men were accused of breaking into Parkhouse colliery and stealing 3,400 cigarettes, sweets and chocolate, worth £31-7s-2d.

Evening Sentinel. September 9th 1959. Late. Page 5.
A verdict of accidental death was returned on 54 year old Mr. Herbert Riley, of 9, Tenby Grove, who died from shock and haemorrhaging due to multiple injuries sustained when he was accidentally struck by a tub at Parkhouse colliery Chesterton.

Evening Sentinel January 22nd1960 City Final Page 7
Parkhouse colliery male voice choir will sing in the Swan Bank Methodist Church on Sunday night.

Evening Sentinel January 25th1960 Late Page 5
Parkhouse colliery was thousands of pounds in the red, but it had overcome the setback with flying colours, it was disclosed by the Manager Mr. G. Harris, at the colliery's annual diner at the Grand Hotel, Burslem. More on this article is on this page in the "Sentinel".

Evening Sentinel March 12th1960 Late. Page5.
While working underground at Parkhouse colliery today, Mr. F. Riley, aged 26, of 3, Cedar Road, Crackly Estate, Chesterton, was fatally injured when he was brought to the surface, and taken to the N.S.R.I. but died shortly after arrival. A verdict of Accidental Death was recorded on Mr. Riley. A full report of the Inquest is in the City Final Edition of 17th March.

Evening Sentinel October 10th 1960. Late. Page5.
Two recently retired N.C.B. officials were the guests of honour at a concert held at the Sneyd Hotel Tunstall, on Saturday. They were the former Training Officer Mr. George Loton, and the former Fireman, Mr. George Boughey, both had completed 35 years service at Parkhouse colliery, when they retired three weeks ago.

Evening Sentinel March 2nd 1962 Page 16
Mr. Frank Howard age 49, a miner at Parkhouse colliery suffered a fracture of the skull when there was a roof fall, it was stated today at the inquest.

Evening Sentinel March 5th 1962 Page 5.
Mr. H.J. Widdowson, North Staffs area General Manager, presented prizes at the area rescue competition at Tunstall town hall. He said during the past year none of the local colliery rescue teams had been called upon. Parkhouse won the trophy, Hem Heath were runners up, Wolstanton were 3rd. and Holditch 4th.

Evening Sentinel March 26th 1962 Page 6.
Long service awards to Parkhouse pit veterans at a dinner on Saturday. Plus photo and details.

Evening Sentinel Jan 8th 1963 Page 8.
News was received with regret in North Staffordshire mining circles of the death of Mr. Gordon Bromilow, chief ventilation engineer at the NCB head quarters in London. He was president of North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers from 1948 to 1950. He was also assistant manager at Parkhouse colliery. (more on this)

Evening Sentinel Dec. 21st 1963 Page 1 Late
North Staffs miners set new record, Chatterley Whitfield, overall 33.5 cwt Parkhouse 46.cwt.

Evening Sentinel May 28th 1964 Page 1. L.F.
Mr. D. Dobson age 62 was found unconscious below ground at Parkhouse colliery, Chesterton, last night with serious internal injuries. Workmates found him lying on the side of the roadway near the endless rope haulage system. Infirmary said he was seriously ill.

Evening Sentinel June 12th 1964 Page 18. L.F.
The standard of safety was appallingly low at Parkhouse colliery, judging from the evidence they had heard, an inquest jury at Birmingham said today. They returned a verdict of misadventure on Mr. D. Dobson age 62. He died on June 2nd five days after an underground accident at the colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct 1st 1965 Page 20 L.
Funeral of Freemason, Mr. A.R. Mason, who was mechanical engineer to Holditch, Apedale, Parkhouse and Silverdale group of collieries. (Full list of mourners)

Evening Sentinel Aug. 18th 1966 Page 14 L.F.
Photo of presentation of NCB trophies won by mining members at Victoria Hotel Stoke. Mr. H. Stockton of Parkhouse colliery won the cup. .

Evening Sentinel Dec 16th 1966 Page 11. F.
Mr. F. Hickman, age 40 and father of two, died after being buried by a fall of roof at Parkhouse colliery, Chesterton, last night, only a month after being transferred from a colliery in Sunderland.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 1968 Page 4. F.
A number of new mining appointments have been announced by the NCB. Mr. D. Alexander formally manager of Parkhouse colliery has moved to Staffordshire House HQ. Mr. G. Morris former manager of Holditch has gone to Parkhouse. Mr D. Alcock has taken over at Holditch and his place as manager of Stafford is taken over by Mr. R. Louth Mr. Ken Barber who was on under manager's duty at Holditch becomes the under manager. Mr. P. Kane formally Holditch under manager is now under manager at Florence.

Evening Sentinel Feb 6th 1968 Page12. C.F.
More than 250 members and their wives at Holditch colliery saw presentations made to the former manager at the colliery social welfare club on Saturday. He was Mr. G. Morris manager for 6 years until he became manager of Parkhouse colliery in January.

Evening Sentinel May 25th 1968 Page 1 F.
Originally scheduled to close by the end of October, Parkhouse colliery, Chesterton, will now close in just a month's time, June 21st. the reason increasingly wet conditions on the only coal face available.

Evening Sentinel June 21st 1968 Page 1. C.F.
Photo of miners at Parkhouse colliery, breaking up for holidays.

Evening Sentinel July 3rd 1968 Page 1. F.
Photo. Parkhouse colliery has closed but Lamp-house Lizzie looks like staying on. The NCB has a problem, for Lizzie seen in the picture with lamp-man Jack Thomas, is a ginger and white cat with a productivity record of 110 kittens. She has been at the colliery for 14 years.

Evening Sentinel July 31st 1968 Page 7. F.
After 46 years association with surveying in north Staffs mining, Mr. H. Ogden retired today as area chief surveyor of the NCBs Staffordshire area. Page 14 Mr. George Morris, manager of Parkhouse colliery, Chesterton, which closed recently, retires today after holding managerial posts in mining for 22 years.

Evening Sentinel Oct 22nd 1971 Page 1. C.F.
Miners in the West Midlands were today recommended to ban overtime from Monday November 1st. Page 24. A mining accident to Mr. Z. Kaminski age 46 resulted in the man's death ten years later a Newcastle coroner's jury decided today. He was a coal face worker at Parkhouse colliery.

Evening Sentinel. February 8th 1972. Final Page 1.
Photograph of striking miners digging their own coal, at the disused Parkhouse colliery, and at the old railway embankment at Bignall End, Audley.

Evening Sentinel June 6th 1983 Page 7. F.
Mr. R. Thorneycroft has retired after 45 years in the coal industry. He started work as a haulage boy at 14yrs at Racecourse colliery, Shelton in 1938. He then took up work at Sneyd colliery as a deputy in 1949. He later managed Parkhouse, Mossfield and Norton.

Sentinel Nov 17th 1993 Page 30 and 40 Business
Two page Spread on the development of Park House pit site, after acquiring the land in 1976.