Sentinel 29th Oct 1947
Victoria Colliery output record. In the third week of October produced 10788 tons.

North Staffs Miners Federation (NSMF) minutes of 27TH March 1948 give the union membership from both deep and small mines to be as follows,

Colliery Members Colliery Members Colliery Members
Whitfield 2452 Black Bull (Victoria) 101 Norton 1153
Sneyd 1127 Deep Pits 1022 Berryhill 928
Stafford 937 Holditch 1309 Talke 273
Madeley 540 Wolstanton 839 Minnie 124
Fenton 560 Parkhouse 602 Florence 1129
Foxfield 450 Glasshouse 133 Parkhall 616
Mossfield 899 Hem Heath 418 Silverdale 603

Sentinel April 1st 1948 City Final Page 1
North Staffordshire Coalfields output was 129,545 tons, against 135,382 tons a year ago, an decrease of 5,837 tons. Easter break was the reason given for the decrease.

Mr. Thomas Shaw, of 78, High Street, Harriseahead, was yesterday awarded the B.E.M. Mr Shaw has worked in the mining industry for more than sixty years, fifty five of them at the coalface. For thirty years at Whitfield colliery, then at Black Bull, and finally at Victoria colliery.

Evening Sentinel Sep 2nd 1949 Page 5
Evidence that he was trapped by a roof fall in Victoria colliery, Biddulph, was given at the inquest yesterday on Mr. J.H. Kynaston age 59. He died in the NSRI 6 days after the accident.

Evening Sentinel Sep 21st 1949 Page 5
While working in Victoria last night, two men were completely buried by a fall of coal and dirt. When extracted 10 minutes later, they were found to be dead. They were A.W. Stanway age 58 and S. Rowe age 36.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 1st 1949 Page 5
Tribute to work mates for their prompt rescue attempts were paid at the inquest on A.W. Stanway and S. Rowe who were killed by a roof fall at Victoria colliery. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Evening Sentinel Nov 18th 1949 Page 3
Victoria colliery rescue team are among the 4 West Midlands teams that go through to the divisional championship at Birmingham University.

Sentinel June 14th 1950 page 4
North Staffs miners in first-aid finals were Victory Colliery Biddulph. On same page Mines Inspector on accidents rise in North Staffs in 1948 10 fatalities, and in 1949 21 fatalities.

Sentinel 11th May 1951
Edwin Austin from Victoria Colliery is photographed leaving for his trip to a German clinic. His mates at the pit raised £320 towards the cost. It is believed he is suffering from Parkinson's disease.

Sentinel 28th May 1951
In a first aid competition at Fenton Town Hall Victoria colliery came third. The team was H. Gibson (Capt.) F Brown, J Barlow, T Caddy, and J Lewis reserve. J Barlow of Victoria won the individual competition, with a perfect 100% score.

Sentinel 5th Nov 1951 page 5,
Victoria colliery second in rescue competition.

Evening Sentinel January 21st 1952 Late Page 6
Victoria colliery was the winner of last year's North Staffordshire Area mining rescue competition with 374 marks out of 400. Sneyd colliery came second. Victoria colliery also came second in the Divisional final.

Evening Sentinel March 10th 1952 City Final Page 5
The Victoria colliery was the team winners for the fourth successive year at the North Staffordshire Area Miners Welfare Challenge Shield.

Evening Sentinel April 1st 1952 City Final Page 5
An excellent record of service in the mining industry is held by Mr. Enoch Dale, of 11, Mow Cop Road, Mow Cop, who at 73 years of age is still working underground. Mr. Dale is a Fireman, in the Brown Lees area of Victoria colliery. Mr. Dale left school at 12, and has worked for various local collieries in his 61 years working underground.

Evening Sentinel April 28th 1952 Late Page 5
For the fifth year in succession a team from Victoria colliery won the North Staffordshire Area, Inter colliery Ambulance competition, held at Heron Cross School on Saturday last.

Evening Sentinel May 12th 1952 City Final Page 5
Victoria Colliery won the West Midlands Divisional Area, first aid in mine's competition at Cannock on Saturday, with a score of 439.5 out of 600

Evening Sentinel September 15th 1952 City Final Page 4
Mr. Edwin Austin of 37 Scragg Street, Packmoor, a 36 year old miner, who thanks to money from a fund organised by his colleagues at Victoria colliery Biddulph, last year was able to have special treatment in Germany for Parkinson's Decease. Since his treatment last January he has been able to work on the colliery surface without any ill effects. More on this can be seen on this page in the "Sentinel".

Evening Sentinel October 15th 1952 Final Page 6
Victoria colliery won the Welfare Challenge Shield, while Hem Heath won the Wynne Cup, at the North Staffordshire Area miners Ambulance competition.

Evening Sentinel November 19th 1952 City Final Page 4
Victoria colliery will represent the North Staffordshire Area in a competition, for the West Midland's Divisional Coal Board mines rescue Shield at Birmingham University. More on this can be seen on this page in the "Sentinel".

Sentinel 12th January 1955 L p10
The National Coal Board gave notice to Biddulph Council that they intended to extend the underground workings at Victoria and Chatterley Whitfield collieries.

Sentinel 2nd May 1955 L p10
Photograph and full results of the N.C.B. boxing tournament held at the Victoria Hall Hanley. Ernie Ball of Victoria colliery is seen shaking hands with Eddie Edwards of Wolstanton colliery, both had won through to the finals.

Sentinel 16th May 1955 L p10
Boxer Ernie Ball of Victoria colliery became N.C.B. heavyweight champion at the finals held in Edinburgh. Others in the Staffordshire team were Eddie Edwards from Wolstanton who lost in a close contest with J. Milton of Scotland, while 23years old John Stanway a trainee at Berryhill was voted gamest loser.

Sentinel 13th June 1955 L p7
Local collieries successful at the miners' gala in Tamworth. Victoria won the tug of war; Holditch were runners up in the relay. Representing Chatterley Whitfield, the Noveljettes won the dance competition, with Berryhill second, and Florence third.

Sentinel 24th November 1955 L p 9
Photograph of Chatterley Whitfield Colliery Manager making a presentation to bowls team captain Mr R Steel for winning the area championship.

Evening Sentinel February 6th 1956. Late Page 4
Photograph of Victoria colliery Welfare Committee dinner dance, the colliery manager (Mr. M. Gittins) is seated in the centre.

page 7 same date
For the 9th year in succession, Victoria colliery won the Welfare Shield. Madeley colliery was second, in the North Staffordshire inter-colliery first aid finals held at Heron Cross School, Fenton, on Saturday. Hem Heath won the Junior Championship Cup, for the second successive year.

Evening Sentinel December 20th 1956 late page 5
A Chell man failed at Stafford assizes in an action against the N.C.B. for injuries he received in an accident at Victoria colliery Biddulph, in October 1953. The plaintiff, Mr. James Allen, a 42 year old colliery ripper of 3, Crouch Avenue, Mill Hill Estate, Chell, was injured in a shot firing operation at the pit. He alleged negligence and breach of security by his employers.

Same edition page 8
A 53 year old Brindley Ford housewife was yesterday found in a slurry pool at Victoria colliery,

Sentinel 14th February 1957 Late p1
Mr J McGuckin aged 48yrs as been killed at Victoria colliery, crushed by a coal cutter. Mr McGuckin who had only been at the pit for four weeks left a wife and ten children at the family home in Falkirk.

Sentinel 1st April 1957 late final p5
Victoria colliery's first aid team wins a North Staffs competition for the 10th year. Runners up were Norton, with Mossfield third. Hem Heath juniors won the Wynne Cup. There is a photo of Ron Smith receiving cup on behalf of the Hem Heath team. The competition was held at the Heron Cross primary school. On the same page there is a story on the re-opening of the Goldenhill Institute. some £16,000 on an extension.

Sentinel 22nd July 1957 late p7
Photograph of the successful Victoria tug of war team at the North Staffs Sports day

Evening Sentinel March 5th 1958 Late Page 5
Result of the N.C.B. No 1 Group, First-aid competition held at Chatterley Whitfield colliery was: Senior shield, 1st Victoria colliery 480 points, and 2nd Norton colliery 398 points. Junior shield, 1st Norton colliery 341 points, 2nd Victoria colliery 282 points. Chatterley Whitfield “L” team won the Wynne Cup.

Evening Sentinel April 21st 1958 Late Page 7
Miss Gwyneth Duckworth, who is on the staff at Victoria colliery, has been chosen as North Staffordshire Coal Queen for 1958. Her father is an underground worker

Evening Sentinel June 6th 1958 Late Page 4
The Locket Cup for North Staffordshire collieries with the best savings in the past six months was presented to Victoria colliery, Biddulph, at the North Staffordshire savings conference in the Grand Hotel, Hanley yesterday.

Evening Sentinel December 15th 1958 Late Page5
When staff members of the N.C.B. No. 1 Group which comprises of, Chatterley Whitfield, Norton and Victoria Collieries held their annual dinner dance at Tunstall Town Hall, on Saturday night, Mr. W. Wilcox, North Staffordshire Area Production Manager said “That they should not be down hearted with the recession in the coal mining industry, but, to look upon it as a challenge.

Evening Sentinel January 13th 1959 Late Page 4
Mr. William Hope a timber setter of 13, Whitehall Avenue, Kidsgrove, was killed in an underground accident at Victoria colliery, Biddulph, earlier today. Mr. Hope was employed, working behind a coal-cutting machine, when he slipped off the conveyer. The Coal-cutter trapped and amputated his leg, he died almost immediately. He leaves a widow and four children.

Evening Sentinel January 16th 1959 Late Page 4
An inquest at Biddulph heard how a 37, year old Kidsgrove miner, working at Victoria colliery, slipped into a coal-cutting machine. He was given first-aid by a deputy but was dead when released. It appeared that Mr. Hope was walking along a stationery conveyor and slipped. A verdict of accidental death was recorded. Death was due to haemorrhaging, following extensive lacerations to an artery.

Evening Sentinel March 16th 1959 Late Page 10
Ernie Ball, the Victoria colliery coal face worker, won the Midlands A.B.A. heavyweight title in Birmingham on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel April 6th 1959 Late Page 7
Ernie Ball, the Victoria colliery miner, was stopped by the referee in the third round, following a cut, accidentally received by a clash of heads. Ernie was in the quarter finals of the A.B.A. Championship, heavyweight division.

Evening Sentinel April 15th 1959 Late Final Page 12
Three North Staffordshire Boxer taking part in the N.C.B. A.B. Championship at Newcastle-on-Tyne on Saturday are, Ernie Ball, heavyweight, Victoria colliery, Harold Brown, featherweight, Hanley Deep pit, and Cyril Harte, a joiner at Hem Heath colliery. Hem Heath miners have charted a bus to take a number of supporters to the event.

Evening Sentinel April 20th 1959 Late Page 9
Photograph of Ernie Ball and two records were established at the N.C.B. Amateur Boxing Championship Finals, at Newcastle-on-Tyne on Saturday. Heavyweight Ernie Ball, of Victoria colliery, was the first boxer in history to win a National Championship title four times in successive years. Other local boxers performed equally as well in winning the Viscount Hyndley Trophy, for the fourth year running, this is awarded for the best overall Area performance. There is a full report on all the contests in this edition.

Evening Sentinel April 21st 1959 Late Page 5
Photograph of the North Staffordshire Area Boxing team, who won the, Viscount Hyndley Shield. In the photograph are: Ernie Ball, Peter Kelly, and Harold Brown.

Evening Sentinel November 28th 1960 Late Page 10
Retired miners at Victoria colliery Biddulph are to have a new club soon. The "Old Miners Club" is being formed on December 5th. More on this article is on this page in the "Sentinel"

Evening Sentinel February 1961 Page 16
Boxers win titles in West Midlands Divisional Coal Board. John Beardmore, Kemball Training Centre Harold Brown and E. Edwards of Hanley Deep colliery John Stanway, Chatterley Whitfield and Ernie Ball Victoria colliery

Evening Sentinel March 23rd 1961 Page 5.
Verdict accidental death on the inquest on W. Harrison, age 53 caused by a Roof fall at Victoria colliery.

Evening Sentinel Sep 15th 1961 Page 5
At a Stoke inquest yesterday on Mr. F. Shufflebotham age 53, a conveyor mover. Mr Shufflebotham died later in the NSRI. The accident was caused by a fall of dirt at Victoria colliery.

Evening Sentinel July 30th 1962 Page 5.
Mossfield colliery won the area trophy in the NCB finals at Berryhill on Saturday. Victoria was 2nd and Wolstanton 3rd. More than 500 men took part.

Evening Sentinel Sep 1st 1962 Page 1.
Frank Armitt age 40 yrs was killed at Victoria colliery today after a long fight to save him. Mr. Armitt was trapped by a coal cutter underground and died as soon after he was released.

Evening Sentinel Sep 5th 1962 Page 5.
A Biddulph doctor who struggled in the light of a cap lamp for one and a half hours, to try and save the life of a miner, (F. Armitt) trapped by a coal cutting machine at Victoria colliery, told an inquest he thought plasma ought to be available so that doctors could give more help to miners in such cases.

Evening Sentinel Final July 15th 1963 Page 5.
Victoria colliery won the NCB North Staffs fire-fighting trophy by a point at Berryhill on Saturday. All the details of the event were shown in this article

Evening Sentinel Jan 4th 1964 Page 1 F
In Lord Robens report for 1963 coal sales production was shown to be 200m tons. Wolstanton had produced 1m tons for the first time. There was record production at Norton colliery of face output of 132.5 cwt. Victoria colliery achieved an overall productivity of 40.8 cwt.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 20th 1964 Page 5.
After the bath superintendent had been unable to get in because of smoke, firemen from Stoke-on-Trent, Biddulph and Kidsgrove, used breathing apparatus to tackle the fire in the dirty section of the baths at Victoria colliery, Biddulph yesterday.

Evening Sentinel Feb 15th 1964 Page 5.
Three North Staffs pits are among 5 in the West Midlands area with new productivity records. Norton had 38.6 cwt, Victoria with 40.9 cwt and Hem Heath with 44.1 cwt.

Evening Sentinel March 4th 1964 Page 1. C.F.
In February, workers at Victoria colliery, Biddulph, with an overall output of 41.2 cwt a man-shift were among those at 3 pits in the Division who set up new records.

Evening Sentinel April 21st 1964 Page 5.
Hem Heath collieries senior first aid team gained second place with 382 marks in the NCB West Midlands Division first aid competitions held at Wolverhampton. Victoria colliery was placed third in the junior competition with 410 marks. North staffs area workshops A. and B. were fourth and fifth in this section.

Evening Sentinel Oct 24th 1964 Page 10 F
At the annual first aid presentations of North Staffs area, winners of the senior shield were Hem Heath colliery, Norton were second. The Junior Cup winners were Victoria colliery, Hem Heath were second. The Wynne Cup winners were Hem Heath B and second were Hem Heath A. Individual winner was M. Latty of Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel June 1st 1965 Page 10 F
Staffordshire County Council ambulances will probably be made available to several coalmines in the near future. The pits include Holditch, Apedale, Silverdale, Victoria and Wolstanton. The cost would be £6,000 which would be repaid by the Coal Board.

Evening Sentinel Sep 20th 1965 Page 6.
Photograph of the Victoria colliery rescue team, in a competition at Berryhill. Hem Heath were the winners. Write up on page 12.

Evening Sentinel March 7th 1966 Page 10
Hem Heath colliery rescue team won the NCB Area Rescue competition, Holditch were runners up, Victoria were third and Wolstanton fourth.

Evening Sentinel March 28th 1966 Page 10
In the North Staffs Area first aid competitions held at Kemball Training Centre on Saturday, Hem Heath won the Senior Shield and Victoria won the Junior Cup. (Photo on Page 10 C.F.)

Evening Sentinel April 18th 1967 Page 1. F.
A 48 year old miner died in an accident at the Victoria colliery, Biddulph early today. He was a face worker, Mr. E. Whiston.

Evening Sentinel May 12th 1967 Page 6. F.
Victoria colliery, Biddulph, set up a productivity record of, 48.1 cwt per man-shift during the week ending 29th April. This was more than 1.5 cwt above the previous best. A recent installation of powered roof supports helped in the achievement.

Evening Sentinel Dec 3rd 1968 Page 6 F
Mr. Harold Davies M.P. is to visit Victoria colliery next Monday to officially open a new coalface. The face has been built on the surface as part of the pit's nine months intensive safety campaign. Photo in Dec 10th edition on page

Evening Sentinel Jan 15th 1969 Page 7 F
Medical staff at the N.S.R.I. were cleared of any blame at an inquest at Stoke yesterday for the death of a 58 year old Biddulph miner. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death on Mr W.A. Jukes, a miner at Victoria colliery.

Evening Sentinel April 24th 1969 Page 1 CF
Photograph of an old 10 feet high colliery winding wheel from Victoria colliery being erected at the entrance to the proposed Hanley Forest Park.

Evening Sentinel July 31st 1969 Page 14 LF
Two North Staffs collieries broke records. Overall productivity at Norton reached 61.2 per man shift. Victoria added nearly 2 cwt to a three week record by reaching 54.2 cwt per man shift.

Evening Sentinel Nov 8th 1969 Page 2 L F
Workers at Victoria colliery have pushed record production to a new peak by an output of 69.4 cwt a man-shift last week.

Evening Sentinel March 4th 1971 Page 5 F
Four hundred pit men will be making their way to the Highland suite, Trentham on March 18th for the area finals of the NCB senior safety quiz. Victoria, Biddulph, and Holditch, collieries will be taking part.

Evening Sentinel April 26th 1971 Page 16 F
Four retiring NACODS members with 186 years of working in the collieries between them were guests of honour at a presentation. All the men had worked at Victoria colliery, Biddulph. They were Mr. W. Allen, Mr. T. Sutton, Mr. R. Dukes; these three have worked for 46 years while Mr. A. Crosby has completed 48 years.

Evening Sentinel. October 4th 1972. Page 16.
There is to be a recruiting drive by the N.C.B. for 200 men to be employed at five collieries in North Staffordshire, the collieries are Hem Heath, Silverdale, Holditch, Victoria and Florence.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 6th 1973 Page 1. F.
Mr D. Brookes age 22, a coal face worker at Victoria colliery, Biddulph, died in hospital today only a few hours after being trapped by a large fall of stone.

Evening Sentinel March 28th 1973 Page 7 F.
The manager of Victoria colliery, in which 22 year old, D. Brookes was killed, told a Burslem inquest yesterday that he was satisfied the man was following the regulations for roof supports when the accident happened.

Evening Sentinel April 20th 1973 Page 11 F.
The 579 miners at Victoria colliery, Biddulph, have smashed the colliery overall productivity record for the second time in a month.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 5th 1973 Page 1. F.
A dispute flared up at Victoria colliery, Biddulph, yesterday on pay deductions to 10 men. A further 65 men refused to work.

Evening Sentinel July26th 1974 Page 12 Crewe
Twenty lucky pitmen have won prizes following a big safety drive at Victoria colliery, which is taking part in the NCBs 50 pit safety competition.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 13th 1976 Page 1 F.
Resentment at the narrow decision by the National Executive of the NUM to ban overtime in the pits, and fears that it could jeopardise the future of at least two North Staffs pits, Norton and Victoria, were mounting today.

Evening Sentinel March 19th 1976 Page 24 F.
Two fitters were injured today while carrying out maintenance work underground at Victoria colliery, Biddulph. Joe Heath age 33 and John Young age 19, both men have leg injuries.

Evening Sentinel March 26th 1976 Page 13 F.
Victoria's miners created a new overall face productivity of 375.6 cwt per man shift. Florence miners increased face productivity by more than 70 cwt per man shift this year, already breaking the record 4 times.

Evening Sentinel April 27th 1976 Page 27 F.
The 612 miners at Victoria colliery have just smashed their forth face output per man shift record in five weeks. Face teams at the 120 year old pit have now boosted productivity to a new peak of 444.4 cwt per man shift.

Evening Sentinel May 7th 1976 Page 24 F.
Face output per man shift productivity, yardstick of the coal industry at the 612 man Victoria colliery, Biddulph has been increased by more than 5 tons since the beginning of March.

Evening Sentinel May 15th 1976 Page 5 L.
Seven must be a lucky number for miners at Victoria colliery who have hit the productivity jackpot for the seventh time in eight weeks and have topped a seven-year old individual face output record into the bargain. Florence colliery miners have produced 10,448 tons off the Rowhurst 4s face for the same week beating the previous individual face record of 10.269 tons set from the Coxhead seam in January.

Evening Sentinel May 24th 1976 Page 9 L.
For the eighth week out of nine Victoria colliery have set a new overall face productivity record by producing 7.041 tons at an output rate of 375.8 cwt established in March.

Evening Sentinel July 21st 1976 Page 6 Crewe
Natural gas from the underground workings of Holditch colliery is being piped through a one-mile pipeline to D.H. Downing, brick and tile manufacturer at Chesterton.

Evening Sentinel July 22nd 1976 Page 1 CF
Crowned with a miners helmet, by last year's Queen 17-year old Miss C. Hambleton was chosen as the Holditch Coal Queen. She will now go forward to the Staffordshire Coal Queen final.

Evening Sentinel Jan 23rd 1978 Page 14 Stafford Edition
Photo of Victoria colliery first aid team who took part in the Western Area senior's miner's competition at the North Staffs Polytechnic on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel March 9th 1978 Page 24 C F
Production was hit at Victoria colliery when men stopped work because of a manning dispute. The dispute could affect the entire workforce of 600.

Evening Sentinel March 10th 1978 Page 24. Crewe.
Work at Victoria colliery was back to normal today after a dispute.

Evening Sentinel March 24th 1978 Page 1Crewe
Photograph of the town Mayor of Biddulph, Mr. F. Hancock helping his wife to clean up when they returned to the surface at Victoria colliery following a trip underground.

Evening Sentinel April 7th 1978 Page 1 F.
Coal production was at a standstill today at Victoria colliery Biddulph after a walk out by the day shift. They are in dispute with the management over a new productivity scheme.

Evening Sentinel April 8th 1978 Page 14 F.
Talks between the union and management brought the pitmen's strike at Victoria colliery to an end.

Evening Sentinel July 9th 1979 Page 9 Crewe.
Mr. K. Dunn, who worked all his life in the North Staffs coal field has retired. He joined the industry at Victoria colliery as a mineworker. Later went to Wolstanton as safety and training officer then to Chatterley Whitfield and Great Fenton colliers as assistant under-manager.

Evening Sentinel Feb 20th 1980 Page 22 Crewe
Mechanical engineer A. Smith has hung up his pit boots after 48 years in the mining industry. He started work in the fitting shop at Victoria colliery then moved on to Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel May 19th 1980 Page 12 F.
Mr. D. Wicksted has become Victoria colliery's mining safety knowledge champion for the second year running. He was awarded a trophy and cheque for £25

Evening Sentinel July 17th 1980 Page 6 Crewe.
Seven Staffordshire men meet on Friday at Hem Heath colliery sports club in the final of the safety mind competition. The seven included. D. Wickstead from Victoria colliery, P. Foggerty from Hem Heath, M. Bissel from Wolstanton and Con Todd from Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel Nov 14th 1980 Page 24 Crewe
Suggestions that the 600 men Victoria colliery is to close within six months were discounted by the NCB today.

Evening Sentinel Dec 19th 1980 Page 11 Crewe
Trainee miner, A. Chandler won, “ know your pit” competition at Victoria colliery. He won £8 as first prize. A. Moran was second and won £6. A. Wrobel got £4 for third prize.

Evening Sentinel Jan 2n 1981 Page 1 Crewe
A major row is blowing up over fears of a pit closure and job losses in the North Staffs coalfield. A question mark hangs over the future of Victoria colliery.

Evening Sentinel Feb 16th 1981 Page 1 Crewe
Controversial NCB cut backs, which are expected to include the closure of Victoria colliery, Biddulph, were outlined to union leaders this afternoon.

Evening Sentinel Feb 17th 1981 Page 1 Crewe
A cool it plea went out to North Staffs miners today as a lightning 24 hour strike halted production at the doomed Victoria colliery.

Evening Sentinel Feb 19th 1981 Page 1 Crewe
A jubilant North Staffs community were today celebrating victory, after coal board plans to close Victoria colliery were scrapped.

Evening Sentinel April 28th 1981 Page 12 F.
A report is expected on a new deal for a North Staffs pit, which was at the centre of a closure storm earlier this year. Victoria colliery will now remain open for at least 3 years.

Evening Sentinel June 3rd 1981 Page 11 Crewe
Mr. B. Dyer has been appointed the new manager of Victoria colliery, Biddulph. He succeeds Mr. D. Lane who has moved to Cronton colliery Widnes.

Evening Sentinel Sep 21st 1981 Page 7 F
The NCB Western Area junior safety quiz started with young miners from Florence, Hem Heath and Victoria taking part.

Evening Sentinel Oct 23rd 1981 Page 1. Crewe.
Miners have stepped up their campaign to extend the life of Victoria colliery and plan to enlist the help of Yorkshire militant Arthur Scargill.

Evening Sentinel Oct 27th 1981 Page 14 CF
A top team of mining engineers are being called in to give a report on the doomed Victoria colliery following claims that the closing date was premature.

Evening Sentinel Nov 6th 1981 Page 1. C.F.
Miners battling to save Victoria colliery were thrown a lifeline today. Coal board officials and representatives from the NUM agreed to search for new reserves in an attempt to keep the 470 man pit open.

Evening Sentinel Dec 11th 1981 Page 1. F.
Miners were holding talks today following a lightning walkout at the Victoria colliery. More than a hundred men were involved in the stoppage following a dispute on incentive payments.

Evening Sentinel Jan 30th 1982 Page 4 L
Long serving miner-workers, J. Caddy and A. Smith were presented with farewell gifts and service certificates. The two Victoria colliery men have notched up 91 years in coal mining.

Evening Sentinel April 1st 1982 Page 1. C.F.
Mr. D. Hulme age 65 received his service certificate 25 years late. He left the rescue service through injury in 1957 after an accident at Victoria colliery. Mines Rescue service superintendent Mr. D Broome presented him with a certificate and a miniature rescue man figure.

Evening Sentinel July 15th 1982 Page 1. Crewe.
Workers at Victoria colliery, which is coming to the end of its life, are understood to be discussing possible vacancies at the weekend. Jobs are being provided at Florence and Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel July 19th 1982 Page 9 Crewe
Talks were still taking place today on the future of miners at Victoria colliery. Since the NCB advertised for jobs there have been 600 applications. Crewe addition page 1, Victoria colliery to close, production will cease from the end of this month.

Evening Sentinel July 21st 1982 Page 9 Crewe.
After years of speculation, Victoria colliery has finally had the chop. There were mixed reactions to the closure.

Evening Sentinel July 21st 1982 Page 1. C.F.
Hopes that the site of the doomed Victoria colliery can be turned into an industrial estate for Biddulph was expressed today.

Evening Sentinel July 29th 1982 Page 13. Crewe.
A big salvage operation will get the go ahead after production ends on Friday at Victoria colliery. Millions of pounds of equipment will be brought to the surface over the next 6 months.

Evening Sentinel July 30th 1982 Page 13 Crewe.
More than a hundred miners start at Florence and Hem Heath on Monday, following the closure of Victoria colliery. About two hundred will remain to carry out salvage work. They will be transferred to other collieries later.

Evening Sentinel Sep 17th 1982 Page 17 Crewe.
Four North Staffs collieries, Hem Heath, Florence, Holditch and Wolstanton each have new under-managers.

Evening Sentinel Jan 14th 1983 Page 24. Crewe.
Proposals by the NCB for the 24 acre site of the former Victoria colliery at Biddulph were approved by the Staffordshire County Council planning committee yesterday.

Evening Sentinel April 6th 1983 Page F.
Miner's leader Jim Colgan today pledged to fight to safeguard pits, boost pay and conditions when he takes over as General Secretary of the Midlands area NUM.

Evening Sentinel April 19th 1983 Page 14. F.
Craftsmen at Wolstanton colliery want thermal underwear for use at the pit bottom.

Evening Sentinel April 20th 1983 Page 9. Crewe.
Pitmen have rejected a resolution by the Silverdale Power Group, which questioned continued link with the NUM. Only three votes were in favour.

Evening Sentinel 21st 1983 Page 18. F.
Work has started filling in 2 shafts at Victoria colliery where production ended a year ago. More than 16,000 tonnes of pit dirt will be needed.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 10th 1983 Page 14.
Biddulph is to have a permanent reminder of its connection with the coal industry. For a balance wheel from the now defunct Victoria colliery is to be mounted outside the Town Hall.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 3rd 1983 Page 4. L.
Mr. Mountford age 83, the oldest surviving member from Victoria colliery unveiled the pit wheel from the recently demolished pit. It has been erected outside the Biddulph Town Hall as a reminder of the colliery.

Evening Sentinel July 3rd 1986 Page 20. C.F.
The County council threw out controversial plans for open cast mining on the Victoria colliery site at Brown Lees, today.

Evening Sentinel May 22nd 1987 Page 30 C.F.
British Coal has submitted revised plans for a massive open cast scheme close to former Victoria colliery, Biddulph.

Evening Sentinel June 19th 1987 Page 28. Extra.
Open cast mining by British Coal, at the former Victoria colliery site was given the go ahead by Staffordshire Moorlands County Council yesterday.

Evening Sentinel July 23rd 1987 Page 4. Extra.
A public inquiry is to be held next month into plans to create a huge open cast mine at the former Victoria colliery.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 21st 1987 Page 15. Extra.
An eyesore could provide energy for the next two decades. The Victoria colliery spoil tip holds an estimate 500.000 tonnes of coal.

Evening Sentinel April 8th 1988 Page 1. Co.
A massive opencast mining scheme, which critics say will create a living hell on earth for hundreds of families, was today given the go ahead by the government on the former site of Victoria colliery.

Evening Sentinel April 9th 1988 Page 3 C.
A high court appeal may be launched against the opencast mining scheme at former Victoria colliery site, 24 hours after the government gave the go ahead.

Evening Sentinel April 29th 1988 Page 6. Co.
Councillors have given up hope of halting a giant opencast mining project on 368 acres of land on the former Victoria colliery site.

Evening Sentinel June 27th 1988 Page 5. Co.
Mr. And Mrs. Tom Caddy of Brown Lees celebrated their golden wedding. Tom was in the mining industry at Victoria and Chatterley Whitfield collieries for 34 years.