Evening Sentinel Jan 2nd 1970 Page 11. F.
Silverdale colliery, one of the most successful pits in North Staffs recorded a new peak of coal production during Christmas week. In three working days the pit produced 923 cwt per man-shift, 72 cwt more than the previous week. The new figure is more than six times the national average for pit production.

Evening Sentinel Jan 15th 1970 Page 1. F.
No coal closures are planned in the Staffordshire area of the NCB in 1970.

Evening Sentinel Jan 16th 1970 Page 9. F.
Coal mining in the Staffordshire area is evolving from labour intensive to capital-intensive structure. The tunnel drivage at Hem heath will open up more coal reserves in deep seams in the area of the former Stafford colliery. There will be more investment in Silverdale and Florence.

Evening Sentinel Jan 16th 1970 Page 1. C.F.
Photo of Keele University students, yesterday, visiting Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Jan 20th 1970 Page 6. F.
Photo of the North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers at a question night at the North Staffs Polytechnic last night.

Evening Sentinel Jan 22nd 1970 Page 9. L.F.
Holditch colliery added three cwt to a month old coal-face record to reach 261.1 cwt. Silverdale also had a double record, coal face productivity was up nearly 8 cwt to 935.4 cwt a man-shift.

Evening Sentinel Jan 27th 1970 Page 12. L.F.
Four miners who have recently retired after 52 years service, received certificates and cheques at the Holditch colliery dance and presentations, held at the welfare institute, Chesterton. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Feb 6th 1970 Page 22 F.
Coal face workers at Silverdale have become the “the greatest” the coal industry national champions. In doing so, they are keeping the title in the area. Apedale drift mine, where reserves ran out last November set the previous in May 1968. The Silverdale record was at the rate of more than 60 tons a man-shift, more than eight times the national average.

Evening Sentinel Feb 11th 1970 Page 14.
Coalface workers at Silverdale colliery have smashed their week old national record of 60 tons per man-shift to 70 tons per man-shift, or nine times the national average. The colliery has only one coalface, which is fully mechanised and works on a retreat system.

Evening Sentinel Feb 14th 1970 Page 10.
A plan for further coal mining in Werrington was given approval by Cheadle rural town planning committee yesterday. The plan came from Salters Lane colliery Co. Ltd, who, have been mining in the area for fourteen years.

Evening Sentinel Feb 19th 1970 Page 9. F.
Men at Holditch set up a new record last week. The week’s output of 10,008 tons was 394 tons higher than the previous best figure reached in January. Coalface workers produced 274.9 cwt an improvement of 10 cwt. Total labour force was also a record of 66.4 cwt. Coal face workers at Hem Heath also achieved a new record of 271.1 cwt.

Evening Sentinel March 2nd 1970 Page 6. F.
Intruders broke into the canteen at Norton colliery during the week end and got away with 17,000 cigarettes worth about £200. They also forced open a cash register, which was empty. Entrance was gained through a skylight in the canteen.

Evening Sentinel March 3rd. 1970 Page 6. F.
A paper entitled “Staffordshire Mining Layout” for the mid 1970s was presented by Mr. R.W. Scurfield, deputy chief engineer for Staffordshire area at a meeting of the North Staffs Institute of the Mechanical Engineers at the Grand Hotel, Hanley last night. (Photo, also a write up on page 7)

Evening Sentinel March 9th 1970 Page 9. F.
The preventative role played by firedamp drainage systems to meet the changing hazard in current mining systems was stressed at today’s conference at Trentham Gardens, attended by mining engineers from North Staffs, South Staffs and Lancashire. Same page, Silverdale’s recent record breaking performance, when coal face workers achieved 70 tons a man-shift., aim to be the first to pass 100 tons quoted Mr. G. Piggott.

Evening Sentinel March 11th 1970 Page 1 L.
Photo of girls, from City College of Building and Commerce, who visited Hem Heath colliery yesterday.

Evening Sentinel March 16th 1970 Page 1. L.
Photo of a team from Hem Heath colliery, taking part in the NCB Staffordshire area first aid competition at Burslem yesterday. Page 7 gives report and results. Hem Heath won.

Evening Sentinel March 18th 1970 Page 9. F.
Photo of an underground Staffs area mining exhibition, at Corbridge Drill Hall, with pupils from Alleynes comprehensive school, Stone. Another photo in Page 1. C.F. with scholars of Heron Cross Secondary School.

Evening Sentinel April 4th 1970 Page 10. F.
Last week there were coalface productivity records at Hem Heath colliery 275.6 cwt and Florence 236.6 cwt.

Evening Sentinel April 6th 1970 Page 6. F.
Photo of Mr. Jack Jones age 92 of Fenton is believed to be the oldest surviving under official in Britain, at the Jubilee Hall, Stoke, on Saturday. He received a cheque from the Stafford good will committee at the annual dinner for retired miners.

Evening Sentinel April 10th 1970 Page 7. F.
Coal demand was now greater than supply, with stocks so reduced that industries were calling to increase production, said Mr. A. Morris in his presidential address to the conference of Stafford based Power Group of the NUM.

Evening Sentinel April 16th 1970 Page 1. F.
Photo against background of old Hanley Deep pit of Mr. Duncan Sandys, M.P. He congratulated the immense programme of land reclamation.

Evening Sentinel April 21st 1970 Page 13. F.
Union officials and a mining Inspector were today checking the dust level in one of the seams at Hem Heath colliery. Their action follows yesterday’s alleged dangerous dust levels.

Evening Sentinel April 29th 1970 Page 7. F.
Wolstanton, Chatterley Whitfield and Victoria colliery’s are three of North Staffs pits about which the NCB are having discussions with the unions. It was stressed that the plans had not been finalised.

Evening Sentinel May 1st 1970 Page 13. F.
There was a coalface productivity record at Florence colliery of 252.3 cwt, which was nearly 16 cwt above the previous record. At Silverdale, 2s Winghay face set a record for the colliery by producing 12.012 tons last week.

Evening Sentinel May 5th 1970 Page 12. F.
This year the North Staffs coalfield is aiming to recruit 300 apprentices. (Full report)

Evening Sentinel May 7th 1970 Page 8. F.
With his retirement this week from Norton colliery, where he has worked since 1938, Mr. A. Morris has stepped down from the presidency of the Power Group NUM. (Full story)

Evening Sentinel May 19th 1970 Page 12. F.
A boost for the moral of the 750 Norton miners, underground developments to open up the Foxley area are to be driven soon. Subsequence faces will be worked on retreat mining.

Evening Sentinel May 21st 1970 Page 8. F.
Chatterley Whitfield colliery, have been awarded the Harold Lockett Trophy, by the NCB for their thrift during the last year. Wolstanton was in second place.

Evening Sentinel June 6th 1970 Page 1. F.
North Staffs ming officials presented Stoke-on-Trent Lord mayor, Mrs Mary Bourne with a miner’s lamp today. Mrs. Bourne’s late husband and her father were both miners.

Evening Sentinel June 8th 1970 Page 14. F.
The North Staffs coalfield promises to have another million tonner in Florence colliery, Longton. The 1,644 pitmen at the 96-year old colliery have stepped up weekly output to 21.000 tons and made a good start to the year, with new productivity records. Further more £ 1.25,000 development programme has forged ahead to make Florence a long life pit.

Evening Sentinel June 9th 1970 Page 8. F.
Photo of smiling miners at Hem Heath colliery, who shared a £700 safety competition handout yesterday.

Evening Sentinel June 10th 1970 Page 16. C.F.
To keep coal mining machinery and equipment in tip top condition is the task of the coal board’s central workshop, which were toured today by Lord Robbens, chairman of the NCB.

Evening Sentinel June 13th 1970 Page 10. F.
Concerned about unemployment, especially with the run down of the coal industry, Mrs Elsie Ahsley, M.P. Conservative candidate for Stoke central said today, we as conservatives will give every attention to the necessary diversification of industry.

Evening Sentinel July 13th 1970 Page 10. C.F.
Hem Heath colliery, last years winners un the Staffordshire area rescue competitions, could only manage 4th place in the 1970s event, held at West Cannock No 5. The winners were Lea Hall No1. Lea Hall No 2 were 2nd and Wolstanton 3rd.

Evening Sentinel July 22nd 1970 Page 7. F.
Without new opencast supplies, the NCBs ability to meet overall coal demands would be jeopardised, a Board’s official said yesterday, at the Stoke public inquiry into the Boards plan to get open-cast coal from the 124 acre Park Farm site at Goldenhill.

Evening Sentinel Aug 10th 1970 Page 10. C.F.
An hours extra production a shift over three faces is being achieved at Chatterley Whitfield colliery, following the installation of a new £10.000 underground man-rider. The union’s mining engineer, Mr. Wilf Simcock, described such schemes as excellent and welcomed them from a point of safety and comfort.

Evening Sentinel Aug 19th 1970 Page 6.
Photo of members of the Victoria Theatre Co. Hartshill, who are rehearsing their new production, “Daughter in Law” by D.H. Lawrence, visiting Wedgewood colliery, Talke-Pits yesterday, to get background atmosphere of the play.

Evening Sentinel Aug 22nd 1970 Page 8.
Photo Silverdale sports committee held their sports dance at the Park Site club, Silverdale. Stars of the night were The Holditch colliery tug-of-war team, winners of the Midlands area competition.

Evening Sentinel Aug 22nd 1970 Page 10. F.
Photo of Mr. R.J. Hunter, Staffordshire’s area director of the NCB, presenting the Harold Lockett cup awarded for the best national savings record of any NCB unit in Staffordshire, to Peter Smallman, manager of Chatterley Whitfield colliery yesterday.

Evening Sentinel Aug 25th 1970 Page 10. L.F.
The North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers, opened their 1970-71season yesterday with a paper that discussed the detailed developments leading up to the introduction of retreat mining at Silverdale. (Photo on same page)

Evening Sentinel Sep. 9th 1970 Page 1. L.
While the NCB as a whole lost £26 m the Staffordshire area had a 9% increase in productivity and a surplus of £1.9 m in 1969-70.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 11th 1970 Page 1. F.
Coal Board officials were today investigating a mystery explosion which shook hundreds of homes at Silverdale, Newcastle. A loud shuddering blast echoed across the small mining village last night.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 11th 1970 Page 1. C.F.
Photo of Lord Sandford making a tour of the City derelict land reclamation sites today. In this group they were at Central Forest Park with Hanley Deep pit wheel in the background.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 26th 1970 Page 10.
A mass meeting of more than 200 colliery workers at the Hem Heath pit today decided to ban overtime and weekend working. The unofficial action comes into operation on Monday and is in support of the NUM claim for higher minimum wages. Mr. Jim Colgan said he had never seen the men so militant.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 29th 1970 Page 12. F.
Union notice boards have been re-instated at Hem Heath colliery and threatened strike action withdrawn. But the union Sec. Jim Colgan, said that the ban on overtime would continue. Yesterdays strike call came when union documents were torn from the official notice board by an alleged official of the management. The action was described as Gestapo like.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 30th 1970 Page 14. F.
The North Staffs branch of the NUM, Silverdale paid tribute to George Bromley, age 75 who died suddenly after a lifetime of service to the mining industry. In the 1914 – 18 war he had a very distinguished career. At the age of 19 he was awarded the DCM. The MM and the Croix de Guerre. (Full report.)

Evening Sentinel Oct. 2nd 1970 Page 22. C.F.
An extensive safety campaign is being launched at Wolstanton colliery, the deepest pit in the country, in ten days time the nine-month campaign is aimed at cutting the number of accidents in the colliery. Wolstanton is one of 50 taking part.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 5th 1970 Page 5. L.F.
The unofficial overtime ban at Hem Heath colliery will continue for another month at least. (Full Report)

Evening Sentinel Oct. 8th 1970 Page 1. F.
Photo of former England cricketer John Ikin, of bignall End visited Holditch colliery, Chesterton yesterday where he and his father worked. Ho opened the nine-week safety campaign.

Evening Sentinel Oct 15th 1970 Page 8. F.
Photo of five members of Stoke-on-Trent city council, as they went underground on their visit to Norton colliery last night.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 21st 1970 Page 18. C.F.
Hem Heath colliery is faced with an unofficial strike by about 1,400 miners unless the NUM re-instate 14 suspended pit branch officials. The union have been given until tomorrow to lift the suspension on the officials, including branch secretary Jim Colgan.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 3rd 1970 Page 7. F.
Because of the need to cut down on the problems of maintenance, a reduction in the present number of coal producing machines is inevitable. This view was expressed by Mr. J. Barns, Staffordshire area mechanical engineer on a paper on coalface machinery development at yesterday’s meeting of the North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 5th 1970 Page 16. F.
Silverdale miners, British champions for productivity on the coalface, received a pat on the back for their achievements from Newcastle Borough Council last night. (Full story)

Evening Sentinel Nov. 6th 1970 Page 1. F.
The NCB have been given permission to go ahead with the controversial opencast site at Goldenhill. Work will start almost immediately. It is expected to win 800.000 tons of coal from the Park farm site.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 9th 1970 Page 1. C.F.
Unofficial strike action flared at one of North Staffs pits, Wolstanton today despite recent appeals by the union for normal working pending the out come of next week’s ballot.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 12th 1970 Page 1. F.
With more men reporting back to work at Wolstanton, colliery the Coal Board described the improved position today as a partial unofficial stoppage.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 14th 1970 Page 5. F.
A chocolate covered cake was expertly decorated in the shape of a pithead, was the speciality of the evening, at last nights annual Lord Mayor’s Ball at the King’s Hall, Stoke. The cake was carried by children dressed as miners with blackened faces. The theme of mining was chosen because it is an important industry in Stoke-on-Trent.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 3rd 1970 Page 9. F.
Stoke-on-Trent councillors and officials watched in amazement as 40-ton monsters tackled a reclamation dream. The earth movers were working on one of the biggest reclamation schemes in the country at Berryhill colliery. (Photos)

Evening Sentinel Dec 14th 1970 Page 14. F.
More than 160 children enjoyed a Christmas party at the Trentham workshops on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 24th 1970 Page 5. F.
A man who worked for almost 50years celebrates his golden wedding anniversary on Christmas day. He is 71 years old. They have two sons, a daughter and four grandsons. Mr H. Christie worked at Norton colliery for 49 years and was involved in an accident, a fall of roof, but recovered after six months.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 31st 1970 Page 1. F.
Photo. Happy new year, for miners at Chatterley Whitfield colliery with a notice telling them that the colliery has been removed from the NCB jeopardy list. Page 6. Photo. The “Alpine look for the Hanley Forest Park scheme. The snow covered landscape spoil tips of Sneyd colliery.